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Hagan Accepts Obama’s DSCC Money, So When Will She Campaign With Him?

Raleigh, NC – President Obama is heading up to Boston tonight for another DSCC fundraiser as Democrats continue to scramble to maintain their majority in the U.S. Senate.

  • While in Mass., Pres Obama will also do a DSCC fundraiser before returning to DC. His 25th fundraiser so far this year. (CBS6/11/14)

Hagan’s increasingly bleak reelection prospects could certainly use the boost, considering how poorly Americans think of her deciding vote for Obamacare.

In fact, relying on money from the DSCC in 2008 is the main reason that she’s a Senator today.

  • “The DSCC gets a say because the DSCC put $11 million behind Kay Hagan last year, and that’s why she’s a senator today.”  (Talking About Politics, 12/2/09)

All of Obama’s hard work to rescue her political career isn’t going unnoticed by Hagan. Back in March, Hagan said she’d welcome the president to North Carolina to campaign with her.

  • “The president is always welcome to come to North Carolina and campaign with me,” she said. (AP, 3/21/14)

That seems pretty definitive. So it should just be a matter of time before President Obama joins Kay Hagan on the campaign trail.

“Kay Hagan has claimed that she would welcome President Obama to North Carolina to campaign for her anytime, which shouldn’t be too surprising considering she votes for his failed liberal agenda 95 percent of the time,” said North Carolina Republican Party spokesman William Allison. “With Hagan eagerly accepting fundraising cash from Obama and the DSCC, the question now is when will Hagan and Obama campaign together?”