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President Obama’s signature health care law remains extremely unpopular.  The National Journal reported last week, “No more than 45 percent of the public has viewed it favorably in the last two and a half years, according to a monthly tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Health Foundation, and only 37 percent approved of it this month.”  View the poll here.  This is no different for North Carolina.  The most recent Elon University Poll reported that only 39 percent of North Carolinians support Obamacare.

Despite its decrepit support among North Carolinians Sen. Hagan was given an opportunity to repeal the unpopular and confusing law, but she opposed her constituents yet again and voted in favor of ObamaCare on Friday.

“Nationally, Obamacare’s record low support will continue to deteriorate in 2014 as workers and families get hammered by its taxes, penalties, and regulations.  It’s going to be very difficult for Senator Hagan to continually defend Obamacare to her constituents” said NCGOP Chief of Staff Mike Rusher. “With another vote defending Obamacare, Sen. Hagan has demonstrated yet again that voting with the Obama liberals in the US Senate is more important than representing the people of North Carolina.”