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NCGOP Chairman Condemns Democrat Tactics, Calls for Investigation


RALEIGH-  Today Chairman Robin Hayes called for an immediate investigation into actions taken by the liberal Democrat group  “Blueprint NC” which is operating as a non-profit in Raleigh.  The NCGOP has filed formal complaints with the Internal Revenue Service and with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.  The political activity demonstrated by Blueprint NC is well outside the boundaries of a “charitable” organization with privileged tax status and is an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars.  Last week, an internal strategy memo leaked to the public and outlined Blueprint NC’s coordinated effort among roughly 55 “partner groups” and elected officials with a two-year plan to “Eviscerate, Mitigate, Litigate, Cogitate, and Agitate” Republican leaders.


“It is incredibly disappointing that Democratic leadership has not also condemned this radical, left-wing group for their unethical and illegal practices” said NCGOP Chairman Hayes.  “Their strategy instead is to parrot these personal attacks and support these potentially illegal tactics, and roadblock the elected leadership regardless of policies that are proposed.  It is clear that the present Democrat leaders are not interested in leading and are willing to sacrifice their own integrity and the future of our state in an attempt to return to power.  It is imperative that the public finds out if any laws were broken and who exactly was involved in this plan to ‘eviscerate’ our elected leaders.”


View the NCGOP complaint filed with the Internal Revenue Service

View the NCGOP complaint filed with the North Carolina State Board of Elections