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Obamacare By The Numbers

As ObamaCare heads to the Supreme Court today, new polling shows that just 36 percent of Americans approve of the law while 47 percent disapprove. We here at the RNC wanted to remind everyone what ObamaCare actually means to North Carolina and to each state in the United States as a whole. Please see below for more information:


North Carolinians Facing Rising Premiums

In 2012, North Carolina Will Receive An Average 5.2 Percent Health Insurance

Premium Hike. “Mercer, a human-resource consulting company in Charlotte, annually

tracks health-insurance charges nationwide. The survey of 86 North Carolina employers —

all with at least 10 employees — found an average projected premium increase of 5.2

percent over 2011 costs.” (Richard Craver, “Employee Health Care Costs Going Up In 2012,” Winston-Salem Journal, 11/15/11)

60 Percent Of Survey Respondents “Said They Are Shifting Cost To Their

Employees By Raising Deductibles, Copays/Coinsurance Or Out-Of-Pocket

Maximums, Increasing Employees’ Share Of The Premium Contribution.”

“Mercer said 60 percent of N.C. respondents — up from 40 percent in 2011 — said

they are shifting cost to their employees by raising deductibles, copays/coinsurance

or out-of-pocket maximums, increasing employees’ share of the premium

contribution, or in some other way.” (Richard Craver, “Employee Health Care Costs Going Up In 2012,” Winston-Salem Journal, 11/15/11)

ObamaCare Squeezing North Carolina’s State Budget

Obamacare Will Cost North Carolina “Between $171 Million To $299 Million Each Year” For The Rest Of The Decade. “To help explain the benefits and costs of this expansion, the respected Kaiser Family Foundation released estimates this week about what states can expect to spend on Medicaid between 2014 and 2019 as a part of the expansion of health reform. Kaiser gives a range of figures based on expected participation in Medicaid. According to this analysis, additional costs to the state will range between $171 million to $299 million each year or between $1.02 billion and $1.8 billion between 2014 and 2019.” (Adam Searing, Op-Ed, “Health Reform Will Save North Carolina’s Poorest,” The Herald Sun, 5/10)

North Carolina Businesses Hit Hard By ObamaCare’s Taxes

North Carolina Tanning Salon Owner Calls Tanning Tax “Unnerving.” “One industry made up of small businesses across the Carolinas is feeling burned at the news of a brand new tax. Hollywood tans in Mooresville opened two years ago. It was difficult opening during the recession, but they’ve made it because of a strong customer base. ‘It’s just a little unnerving, because we are a small business and we feel like we’ve been targeted.’ Starting July first, owner Genevieve Miller and her husband, will have to pay an extra 10% tax, along

with other tanning salons to help pay for the new health care bill.” (Rebecca Clark, “Tan Tax Burden On Small Business,”, 4/7/10)Owner Of North Carolina Tanning Salon Calls Tax “Pretty Devastating.” “‘It’s going to be pretty devastating, in all honesty,’ said Paula Poole, owner of Mimi’s Tanning Shak in Knightdale, near Raleigh. At Mimi’s, a 10 percent tax would amount to $4 a month on a monthly package of $40 for unlimited sessions. Poole said she can’t afford to absorb the tax

herself by lowering her prices so that customers don’t end up paying more.” (David Ranii and Steve Lyttle, “Tanning Salon Tax May Turn Some Browners Blue,” The Charlotte Observer, 4/13/10)