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Republican Party Chairman Claude Pope Answers “Moral Monday” Protests

Raleigh, NC—Today North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Claude Pope addressed the media through a series of interviews regarding the direction of the state and the recent antics from the left wing liberal “Moral Monday” protesters.

“It is very important to set the record straight” said Chairman Pope.  “Current Republican leaders inherited massive debt, a broken economy, and a broken government after the people elected them to lead our state.   Since then they have worked towards a balanced budget, taken on much needed tax and education reform, blocked repeated Democrat attempts to raise taxes on ALL North Carolinians, and have done so with a new level of customer service.  But we’ve still got a lot of difficult work ahead, we’ve got the 5th highest unemployment rate in the nation.”

When asked about the recent protests at the General Assembly Chairman Pope explained, “The North Carolina Republican Party absolutely supports peaceful and lawful demonstrations as guaranteed by our Constitution.  However, deliberately breaking the law and preventing the business of state government to proceed is wrong.  These pre-planned arrests cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.  It makes no sense to protest funding cuts while deliberately costing taxpayers money through unnecessary antics.”

WRAL reported (June 4) that General Assembly Police spent an additional $11,000 in personnel costs, and the Raleigh Police Department spent an additional $16,000 on staff because of these unnecessary antics by professional protesters.   Pope noted, “The planned arrests being fueled by outside influence is not “moral” at all.  Rev. Barber has proudly stated that protesters are coming from as far away as New York, California, and Florida, but we are confident that they don’t know North Carolina like we know North Carolina. These protests are prefabricated events that are clearly direct partisan activity.”

Throughout the 2012 elections Republicans ran on these issues and promised to fix the problems caused by years of North Carolina being mismanaged under unified Democrat leadership.   “The liberal left wing is advocating that the state maintain a constant poverty of the people” said Pope. “We want to take the people out of poverty and into jobs.  They are blocking the will of the people who played by the rules, went to the polls, and voted in our free democracy. “