The Republican Party of North Carolina The Republican Party of North Carolina


President Trump has now officially been in office for 200 DAYS!
Below are some of his biggest accomplishments so far from the RNC:

  • President Trump delivered on his campaign promise to put a conservative jurist on the Supreme Court by nominating Neil Gorsuch. (article)
  • Under President Trump, the unemployment rate continues to decline, over one million new jobs have been created, consumer confidence is up, and average hourly earnings have increased. (article)
  • President Trump delivered a big win for military veterans when he signed the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 and announced new technology-driven healthcare initiatives for veterans. (article)
  • President Trump has rolled back the reach of the federal government by eliminating hundreds of regulations that will result in millions of dollars in savings. (article)
  • President Trump has taken aggressive and calculated action against ISIS, and gains against the terrorist group have "dramatically accelerated." (article)
  • President Trump withdrew the United States from the job-killing Paris Climate Agreement and will cease U.S. payments to the Green Climate Fund. (article)
  • Federal law enforcement has conducted multiple successful raids and sweeps directly targeting dangerous street gangs and other serious criminal activity under the leadership of the Trump administration. (article)


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