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What Is Erica McAdoo Hiding?

Raleigh, NC — Erica McAdoo can try to hide her destructive far-left agenda from rural voters in Alamance County. What she can't hide are her donors, but she's trying to do it anyway.  A campaign finance complaint was filed with the North Carolina State Board of Elections over McAdoo's failure to abide by statute and NCSBE regulation regarding donor information for finance reports her campaign has filed.  

"What is it about her donors that Erica McAdoo is hiding from her constituents?"questioned NCGOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse. "Candidates for office are bound to abide by specific rules and regulations regarding campaign finance. It's extremely troubling that Erica McAdoo would not only fail to disclose important information regarding her contributors, but she has been submitting reports nearly two months after they're due. We look forward to the North Carolina State Board of Elections addressing her failure to adhere to disclosure requirements and taking the appropriate action."

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