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Raleigh, NC — As new allegations surface that call into question the character, honesty, and competence of Mitch Colvin, Democratic candidate for Fayetteville mayor, NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes is now calling on Governor Cooper to rescind his ill-considered endorsement of this troubled candidate.

"We understand that Governors support their Party's candidates, but Governor Cooper's first obligation is to the people of North Carolina. Everyday we're learning more and more about Mitch Colvin's dangerous and deceitful past-- his wife accused him of domestic violence, he won't pay his bills, his business is being punished for deceiving the parents of a deceased child, and he has a long list of run-in's with law enforcement relating to gun and drug crimes. We do not fault Gov. Cooper for supporting Democrats, but we do fault him for supporting this Democrat. Mitch Colvin is a man with a disturbing history that grows more frightening by the day. For that reason, we are calling on Governor Cooper to immediately rescind his endorsement." - NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes

Just this week legal proceedings began after Colvin refused to pay rent for his business, which is currently on probation for deceiving customers and negligent record keeping. It also surfaced that at one point Mitch Colvin's wife filed a domestic violence complaint detailing a situation that made her fearful for her life and her children's. Mitch Colvin's gun was then seized by law enforcement officers, which was just one incident in a string of gun related issues. 

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