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Charlotte, NC - Just like Dr. Rev. Barber's claim that it is a sin to pray for President Trump, appointed Charlotte City Councilwoman Dimple Ajmera claims that Trump voters have no place in public service and are beyond irresponsible.


“It is highly offensive that a member of the Charlotte City Council, not yet even elected to the position, would state that anybody who voted for the Republican nominee for President should be disqualified and should not even seek a role in public service in Charlotte.

Nearly 100,000 Charlotte residents, Republican, Democrat, and unaffiliated voted for President Trump. Are Councilwoman Ajmera’s positions so radical she thinks NONE of these people have something to contribute to make the Queen city better?

Her call to disqualify and/or ban any citizen to run and serve is contrary to our values as North Carolinians. It also goes against the traditions of previous Charlotte leaders such as John Belk, Harvey Gant, Sue Myrick, Eddie Knox, Richard Vinroot, and Pat McCrory, who would worked with people across the entire political spectrum for the good of Charlotte. Just like Rev. Barber’s claim that it is a sin to pray for the Commander and Chief, this rhetoric is harmful to our democracy.
” - Chairman Robin Hayes


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