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NCGOP Responds to Gov. Cooper's WRAL Pipeline Exposé

Raleigh, NC — An exposé about Governor Cooper's Atlantic Coast Pipeline impropriety, along with his slush fund, was released by WRAL. NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes responded below:

Many aspects of Governor Cooper's story are deeply concerning, not the least of which is the insistence by the Governor’s Office that more than $58 million be taken away from the State of North Carolina, hidden from the taxpayer's oversight, and put under the full control of Governor Cooper.

The blatant refusal of the Governor to provide public documents to the General Assembly, attempting to perform their constitutional role of oversight, is an outright breach of the checks and balances system.

Governor Cooper has still refused to appoint the Ethics and Elections Oversight Board, the bipartisan board responsible for looking into this issue, which begs the question, what else is Governor Cooper planning on hiding from the General Assembly

- NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes

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