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Raleigh, NC - While on his damage control tour, Cooper's journey took him through Fair Bluff, a town devastated by Hurricane Matthew.  Here's WBTV reporting from April of this year:

It’s frustrating for residents like Ray Lundy, who talked with WBTV both during our first visit in September and again this week as we went back to see if any progress had been made.

“Fair Bluff is exactly like it was in ’16 when Hurricane Matthew struck,” Lundy said. “Nothing has changed except the volume of mold.”

Lundy said the only recovery efforts he’s seen in the town is a project to replace sewer lines that were damaged in the storm and plans to re-build the fire department. But, he said, nothing has been done to replace the homes destroyed by the hurricane.

So what happened yesterday? Here's what WWAY reported:
However, Mayor Billy Hammond says he doesn’t understand why the governor won’t come and talk to the ordinary citizens living in Fair Bluff.  “It would be a plus in his column for him to come to our town and have a what you might call a town hall day and answer some questions for the people and help get them satisfied,” Hammond said.

When asked about this, Gov. Cooper said it’s better to have an expert in the community to answer any questions the people may have. When asked about how much longer it would take for money to come to Columbus County, the governor said that the people deserved relief as soon as possible, but he would not provide a timeline.

Reporters tried to ask what Cooper's timeline was for getting relief to the thousands of residents impacted by the storm and Cooper refused to provide an answer.  From WBTV:
But Cooper could not answer a reporter’s question about a specific timeline—whether in weeks or months—as to when hurricane victims in other communities could expect the same federal dollars to begin flowing.
The exchange between Cooper and the reported lasted a minute-and-a-half, with the reporter trying to nail the Governor down about a timeline andCooper refusing to provide one.

Citizens who have been waiting for more than two years for relief deserve answers.  Cooper is refusing to provide them.

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