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Raleigh, NC — Earlier this year Governor Cooper vetoed the compromise budget drafted by Republicans in the state House and Senate. The budget added thousands of slots to the state's pre-K program and eliminated 75% of the waitlist for at-risk children. After Governor Cooper vetoed the budget, the General Assembly had to override his veto. Now,Governor Cooper is showing the upmost hypocrisy by taking credit for items in that exact budget-- the budget he VETOED. Chairman Hayes commented below:


"In all my political experience, I have seen politicians that were for something before they were against it, but I have never seen a Governor who was for education funding, and then vetoed a budged that included what he asked for. If Governor Cooper couldn't recognize an illegal fundraiser at Myrtle Beach, maybe that's why he didn't recognize that he vetoed his own request." - NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes


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