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Dem Pick for SBE Supports Allowing California to Decide NC's Electoral Votes

Raleigh, NC — In a shocking example of how little the Democratic members of the State Board of Elections and Ethics Board think of North Carolina voters, Damion Circosta supports a plan to strip the voter's ability to decide which presidential nominee would win North Carolina’s electoral votes.

This makes Circosta wholly unqualified to serve on the board. It shows his destain for N.C. voters, and his willingness to change election law in order to make it fit his personal beliefs." - Michele Nix, NCGOP Vice-Chairman

Circosta supports allowing larger states to decide how North Carolina’s votes for president are awarded, irrespective of how the citizens voted. Under Circosta's plan, North Carolina would have awarded its votes to Hillary Clinton despite the fact that North Carolinians chose President Trump.

Click HERE to read the op-ed by Carcosta. 

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