Election Questions

Why is voter lookup on the NCSBE site not showing my vote even though I voted on Election Day?

The Election Day votes are not uploaded yet. It will take them weeks to have this information on their site. 

Can I see a picture of my ballot online?

Because we vote a secret ballot, that information is not available to the public. 

How do I check to see if my absentee or early vote counted?

Absentee/Early voters can see if their vote was accepted through the following process:

  1. Go to https://www.ncsbe.gov/results-data/absentee-data.
  2. Scroll to the heading “Absentee Files”
  3. Click the link in his section called “Download Current Absentee By County File (ZIP)”
  4. Search for your name within the file. 
  5. The status of a ballot’s acceptance is under the column “Ballot_rtn­­_Status”

Why does my early vote show up as “absentee” on the NCSBE site?

The State BOE’s website categorizes all votes that occurred prior to election day as “absentee.” The vote that shows is yours and was counted! 

What needs to happen to protest the Dan Forest results? 

In order to have a recount, there must be .50% difference in vote totals or a 10,000 vote difference, whichever is less.