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RALEIGH, N.C. - A report from WRAL this past weekend noted that the state's economy has just set a record for most number of persons employed in the state's history.

The Commerce Department confirmed:

Responding to a query from WRAL TechWire, a Commerce spokesperson confirmed a record had been set. "Yes, the total number of persons employed in North Carolina is at a record high," said David Rhoades, communications director for the department.
The state reported that the unemployment rate declined to 4.1 percent from 4.2 percent in June and is down year-over-year from 4.4 percent. Over the past 12 months, jobs have increased by more than 70,000 while the number of people unemployed fell 13,678 to 203,407. "Now, the unemployment rate is lower than it’s been since 2000," Rhoades said.
Despite Governor Cooper continually attempting to obstruct progress, the state economy keeps running strong and according to economist Dr. Mike Walden, "the good times aren't over yet."
Walden said the numbers reflect what he reported in his new monthly index of North Carolina’s economy and added that the trend of job growth should continue. “This should be the best year for the job market in North Carolina in over a decade,” he said.
In the new report, Walden forecasts:
  • North Carolina real Gross State Product is forecasted to increase 3.2% in 2018 and 3.4% in 2019.
  • Payroll employment growth in North Carolina is expected to exceed national payroll employment growth in 2018.
  • The end-of-the-year “headline” unemployment rate in the state is projected to be 4.1% in 2018 and 3.8% in 2019, with 75,000 payroll jobs added in each of the years.
Read the full report from the WRAL TechWire here.

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