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RALEIGH, N.C. - While ordinary North Carolina citizens have been subject to long lines and wait times at DMV offices in urban areas, a report out from WBTV details a secret driver's license office set up by Cooper's administration:

"The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has operated a driver’s license office at its headquarters building in Raleigh since January that is not open to the public and that officials are loathe to acknowledge.

WBTV learned about the office earlier this month, as DMV Commissioner Torre Jessup took public steps to address the longer-than-normal wait times at driver’s license offices across the state, which left residents standing in lines outside of offices for hours just to be able to get a number to wait inside.

Even as Jessup pledged his agency would take additional steps aimed at reducing wait times at public driver’s license offices, his agency was scheduling 20-minute appointments for certain state personnel to get their ID cards at the agency’s Model Office."
Cooper's administrational staff were able to book private appointments for themselves, family, and friends:
"A list of state employees who signed up for the August appointments - which was available online through the software used to schedule the appointments - shows senior employees from Governor Roy Cooper’s Office, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and staff from the North Carolina Department of Transportation all took advantage of an email inviting them to sign up.
Staff was also allowed to schedule appointments for family and friends."
Cooper's press office and administration officials have refused to answer questions. Even Attorney General Josh Stein is in on it, refusing to provide sign up lists in a stunning rebuke of transparency: 
"Multiple spokesmen for the DMV, as well as an attorney from the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, have refused to produce the signup lists from other weeks in which the office was open to state employees. Lawyers for WBTV are currently fighting for access to the documents.

A spokesman for NCDOT Secretary Jim Trogdon couldn’t answer as late as Mondayevening whether the secretary was aware of the special office available for use by select state employees and their associates.
Multiple emails to the Governor’s Office media inbox requesting comment on whether Cooper thought the employee-only driver’s license office was appropriate went unanswered.

During the impromptu interview at DMV headquarters, Brockwell committed to making Jessup available for an interview to further discuss issues surrounding long wait times at driver’s license offices across the state. He has yet to follow up to schedule such an interview."
Read the full report from WBTV here.

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