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Ballot Language

“Constitutional amendment protecting the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife.”

NCGA Voting Record


S.B. 677, Roll Call #1255, Passed 92-23: R 73-0; D 19-23; 6/25/18


S.B. 677, Roll Call #762, Passed 41-6: R 33-0; D 8-6; 6/25/18

Talking Points

Would amend the North Carolina Constitution to safeguard citizens’ right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife.

The amendment is supported by the State Director of the NRA, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, and other leaders in outdoor heritage associations.

These rights are deeply rooted in the culture of North Carolina and this amendment would ensure that North Carolina remains a sportsman’s paradise.

Hunting and fishing are essential parts of conservation efforts and also contribute to the economy of the state in a significant way: 35,000 jobs and $56 million in license fees in sporting related goods in 2017 alone.

The state issued over 1.5 million hunting and fishing licenses in 2016 and draws billions of dollars in annual spending by sportsmen and women that supports tens of thousands of local jobs in North Carolina.

Additional Information

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