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Ballot Language

“Constitutional amendment to reduce the income tax rate in North Carolina to a maximum allowable rate of seven percent (7%).”

NCGA Voting Record


S.B. 75, Roll Call #1286, Passed 73-45: R 73-1; D 0-44; House, 6/28/18


S.B. 75, Roll Call #775, Passed 34-13: R 32-2; D 3-11; Senate, 6/28/18

Talking Points

Would lower the state’s maximum possible income tax rate from 10 percent to seven percent.

With this amendment, voters can say no to a return to the days of spendthrift politicians, high taxes and multi-billion dollar deficits by placing this protection in our state constitution.

In 2019 the North Carolina income tax rate will drop to 5.25 percent so even in the case of a recession or emergency, should the $2 billion that Republicans have put into the rainy day fund not be enough, lawmakers would have wiggle room to generate more revenue without having to resort to a sales tax increase.

Prudent budgeting, common-sense restraints on spending and smart savings put North Carolina in a strong position to offer this benefit to taxpayers.

Lowering the tax cap to 7% will not affect North Carolina’s credit rating according to the Office of the State Treasurer.

Smart budgeting is key to maintaining our unanimous AAA bond rating.

Additional Information

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