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Kathy Manning Laughably Tries To Distance Herself From Her Own Donations To America's Least Popular Democrat

Raleigh, NC — Liberal mega-funder Kathy Manning released her first ad claiming that she wouldn't vote for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for Speaker just one day after Pelosi told Democrats to do whatever they have to do to win. With nearly $1 million donated to Democrats since 2000 between Manning and her husband, including Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leadership, nothing could be further from the truth.

"That's why I'm running: to clean house in Washington."
Manning has spent more than 20 years ensuring that Democrat career politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Ron Wyden, Barbara Boxer, David Price, Claire McCaskill, and Jeanne Shaheen remain in Washington. She can't clean house when she's expanding Washington's power over every facet of citizens' lives.
"...I'll vote against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker..."
Just one day after Pelosi told her hand-picked candidates to say and do whatever it takes to win, Manning makes this statement. She cannot run from her deep ties to establishment Democrats and her own donations to Nancy Pelosi.
" term limits for party leaders..."
Ted Budd supports term limits for everyone, including party leaders.  Why isn’t Manning willing to end the reign of career politicians in D.C. and support term limits for all like Ted?
"...and I won't take a dime of corporate PAC money."  
But she has gladly accepted $165,000 from far-left and liberal special interest groups.
"Kathy Manning thinks she can use some folksy guitar strumming to hide her bald-faced hypocrisies," stated NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes.  "The voters of the 13th District are smarter than that." 

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