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Lt. Gov. Forest Speaks to NC County Commissioners at White House

Raleigh, NC — The White House is making strides to become more connected with local officials, and last week North Carolina took them up on their offer. Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest met with Cabinet officials, and then spoke to 200 bipartisan County Commissioners who had been invited to the White House. 

"It was an honor to speak to North Carolina's local officials at the White House. This is an unprecedented effort by our president to reach out and get to know the people who work directly with the problems we're trying to fix. President Trump is reinforcing the fact that we need continued dialogue with our elected officials that are closest to the people. This commitment is a true testament to our belief in the power of federalism.” - Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

"President Trump and his administration are bridging the gap between the federal government and local government. No other President in recent memory has reached out to local leaders to help fix government. They're making sure we have the contacts to call or email the White House staff when we need them-- it's an open dialogue that unites Republicans behind one overarching goal. We rallied behind President Trump when he said he would 'Make America Great Again,' but to visit the White House and hear that they are actually doing it…. incredible." - Zak Crotts, Davidson County Commissioner

Lt. Gov. Forest spoke about North Carolina's record achievement with broadband connectivity. We are the first state in the nation to have every classroom connected-- a project which will be completed by June of this year. Forest's next goal is to work with the Trump administration to connect the last mile, making rural broadband connectivity a possibility for every North Carolina family by the end of 2019.


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