The Republican Party of North Carolina The Republican Party of North Carolina

Raleigh, NC - Today Anita Earls, the Democrat "Nullifier in Chief, announced her candidacy for the North Carolina Supreme Court. In a blatant anti-democratic effort, last year Earls tried to get the US Supreme Court to cancel the 2016 election results. The citizens of our state now face the very real possibility of their future votes being wiped away and erased if Anita Earls join the NC Supreme Court.

"Lets be clear, Anita Earls tried to cancel votes cast in the 2016 elections by Democrats and Republicans alike, she attempted to divide North Carolina citizens by forcing race into district drawing, and she believes that North Carolina citizens have fewer rights to Voter I.D. than those in other states. Voters should be wary of Earls, because if she is on the court, she'll try once again to cancel votes and elections that do not go her way." - NCGOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse

Fortunately the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Anita Earls' attempts to erase legally cast votes of more than three million North Carolina citizens in 2016, which she wanted replace with a low-turnout Christmas season special election that would have resulted in a fraction of voters re-deciding the 2016 elections for the General Assembly. In addition, she also opposed efforts by North Carolina lawmakers to draw colorblind districts with no regard for race. Earls also supports a radical plan to allow people who only win "17% of votes in Congressional Elections to be declared 'winners.'" Adding her to the bench would be catastrophic for our state.

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