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Raleigh, NC — Today the NCGOP is filing a complaint against Governor Roy Cooper and calling for a thorough campaign finance and ethics investigation. Roy Cooper and his campaign committee hosted an event with the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ) on June 18th of this year at the 2017 NCAJ Convention in Sunset Beach, NC. The event took place while the North Carolina General Assembly was still in session and conducting its legislative business.  Under North Carolina General Statute, an organization such as the North Carolina Advocates for Justice “shall not solicit a contribution from any individual or political committee” while the General Assembly is still in session for a member of the Council of State.

"We are concerned that Governor Cooper is following in the footsteps of previous Democratic Governors of North Carolina-- going against the same laws that he is trying to impose in order to make a profit for his personal political agenda. Not only did he collude on a high-dollar fundraiser with a PAC during regular session, but this specific PAC also had special interest in current legislation. Therefore it was no surprise when Cooper vetoed the bill like the NCAJ wanted. Governor Cooper’s campaign must immediately be investigated for any impropriety of ethics or campaign finance law to ensure no undue influence on the legislative process occurred. Cooper's motives have always been questionable, but this time they might just be illegal." - NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes

According to the NC General Statute §163-278.13B, and given the evidence contained in the complaint,  there are clearly are an abundance of questions regarding the reported, and potentially non-reported, campaign finance transactions (contribution). The North Carolina Republican Party is requesting the North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement open an immediate and thorough investigation under North Carolina General Statutes §163-278. 13B and §163-278.6 to ensure this event did not create an avenue for undue influence and violation.

This situation just happens to comes up after Governor Cooper has stymied investigative efforts by refusing to appoint members to the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement Board.

Click HERE to read the full complaint.


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