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NCGOP Statement Celebrating Black History Month

Raleigh, NC — Chairman Robin Hayes joins RNC Committeewoman Dr. Ada Fisher and Clarence Henderson, President of North Carolina's Frederick Douglass Foundation, in releasing the following statements as we honor and celebrate Black History Month:

With the beginning of Black History Month, we honor the work and innumerable contributions that African Americans have made to the Republican Party and to the foundation of our great nation,” said Committeewoman Dr. Ada Fisher. “The Republican Party is, and will always be the Party of all Americans no matter what background they come from. In order to have a unified nation, the Republican Party believes it is vital that we embrace diversity, drive economic innovation, and create economic opportunities across our nation so that all Americans can fulfill their dreams. We are proud to celebrate all the accomplishments of African Americans that have helped strengthen the fabric of our nation, and that have helped shape the Republican Party.

This February, we honor the African American leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers for their work in advancing liberty, freedom, and prosperity,” said Frederick Douglass Foundation President Clarence Henderson.

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