The Republican Party of North Carolina The Republican Party of North Carolina

Dear Republicans,

Have you seen these new polling numbers from the Civitas Institute?

The poll shows that almost 80% of voters disagree with Governor Cooper and the Democrat State Supreme Court over elections administration-- Nearly 8 in 10 North Carolina voters support an equally split bipartisan Board of Elections.

Four partisan Democrats on the State Supreme Court recently ruled that Governor Cooper, and Governor Cooper alone, must control all aspects of elections and election administration through complete control of the State Board of Elections, a decision that is contrary to the State Constitution and common sense.

"Of course voters do not think that the governor's party should set all election policy. The decision from the Democrat majority on the State Supreme Court was partisan and unwise," said Robin Hayes, Chairman of the NCGOP. "While Republicans are currently complying with the courts instructions, the legislature can and must consider giving voters a chance to correct this egregious error for future generations."


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