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For the record, it's now JUSTICE Kavanaugh. Ok, let's get going.



Let's start with some final Kavanaugh news. It's not a secret that the shameful conduct of Senate Democrats have motivated women to get out and vote. Check out these two articles on the motivation: The Federalist and USA Today

Not surprisingly, Dr. Ford and her attorneys have no plans to pursue any of their allegations against Justice Kavanaugh now that he has been confirmed to SCOTUS: ABC News

As if you needed any more motivation to vote, Senate Democrats are talking about impeaching Kavanaugh if they retake both chambers of Congress. Sen. Cory Booker stated just that: Newsweek

The entire Kavanaugh fiasco exposed what liberal feminists really think about women who don't toe the party line. This op-ed by Alexandra DeSanctis details the identity politics problem: National Review 

It also exposed the confirmation bias of the national mainstream media. For a full, comprehensive rundown of the entire kerfuffle, read on: Washington Examiner

Speaking of liberal women, Hillary Clinton stated that Democrats should not be civil with Republicans, and the only way to restore civility is to elect Democrats. Eric Holder said that Democrats should "kick" Republicans. Rep. Steve Scalise, who was literally shot by a liberal activist, responds to their grotesque comments: Fox News

Democrats continue to push the poor fiscal idea of expanding Medicaid via Obamacare. What has happened in Ohio since Gov. Kasich expanded Medicaid? Find out: The Enquirer


This is infuriating. In response to HB 514 passed by the NCGA this past short session, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system conducted meetings designed to skirt open meetings laws to punish the four towns in the legislation. This piece is a revealing read into how petty and vindictive the Democrats on the CMS Board actually are: The Charlotte Observer

NCGOP Vice-Chairman Michele Nix led a press conference this past Saturday about the Kavanaugh confirmation process. Watch the presser here: The News & Observer

Don't steal or knock down campaign signs. In Asheville, a UNC-Asheville professor was caught stealing campaign signs: WLOS

Republican NC Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson didn't get much press for this, so share this story about the $141M grant from DPI for school construction in economically distressed areas: WCRB

Under Democrat control of the NCGA, the state had one of the worst pro-growth tax codes. Today, under Republican leadership, we have one of the best. If you'd like these reforms to continue, vote: Carolina Journal

Speaking of conservative reforms, the latest ratings from a couple think tanks are out. The state scores well regarding its fiscal health. This certainly comes as a shock, but Roy Cooper was rated as one of the worst governors when it comes to fiscal policy: Carolina Journal



As a reminder, these are the only endorsed judicial candidates for statewide election. Chris Anglin is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican and is not endorsed by the NCGOP.

All six constitutional amendments have been endorsed by the NCGOP.

You can can learn more about the judicial candidates here and the amendments here.


First up is Mike Clampitt. Mike Clampitt, a retired Fire Captain, spent 27 years of his life protecting communities as a firefighter with the Charlotte Fire Department. Mike has made it his life's mission to protect and serve North Carolinians. He is a hard working leader and committed listener who working to find solutions to issues impacting out communities. Clampitt, a retired Fire Captain, spent 27 years of his life protecting communities as a firefighter with the Charlotte Fire Department. Mike has made it his life's mission to protect and serve North Carolinians. Visit his website here.
Second is Chris Malone. Representative Chris Malone has been an elected official at the local, county and state levels. He was a member on the Wake Forest Town Board of Commissioners from 2001 until 2005. He was elected in 2009 to the Wake County School Board. Finally, in 2012, Chris was elected as your Representative in District 35 to the North Carolina House. Malone is working hard for his district and the people of the state. He has regularly voted for both personal and corporate tax breaks, education, regulatory and administrative reform. Check out his campaign website here.


Check out Sen. John Alexander. He's lived in NC his entire life and works hard to be as involved in his community as he is in his business. He's been married to his wife Susan for 40 years, and they have two daughters: Mary Carroll Dodd, a wife and mother, yoga instructor, and organic farmer in Black Mountain, NC, and Catherine Wilson, a Physical Therapist in Durham. They have four grandchildren. He is running for re-election because he wants to continue making a difference for the people of Wake and Franklin counties in the State Senate. He's proud of all they've done for the economy and schools, but there’s more work to do. Read more about that here.


The Davie County GOP has a meet the candidates dinner this Sunday! Check out their Instagram for more details:

Rep. Bill Brawley and Sen. Dan Bishop have a door-knocking event in Charlotte tomorrow! If you'd like to participate, email Kelly Tain at

The aforementioned elected officials also have a phone bank coming up! Learn more about those details from the Mecklenburg County GOP:


As of today, we're 25 days away from Election Day, 18 days until absentee ballot request deadline, 5 days until early voting starts (Oct. 17), and today is the last day of voter registration. Absentee ballot voting has started!

The voter registration deadline has been extended to October 15th in some counties affected by Florence. To find out more, go here:

To use the unique VOTE.GOP for NC and request an absentee ballot, go here:

You can also request an absentee ballot here:

If you're not registered to vote, or need help registering someone to vote, go here:

If you're registered, check to make sure:

Check your polling location:

Additional voting tools:

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Enjoy the lower temperatures!

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