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Early voting has started! As a reminder, the NCGOP has endorsed all six constitutional amendments. For the judicial races, the Party has endorsed Barbara Jackson for NC Supreme Court, and Andrew Heath, Jefferson Griffin, and Chuck Kitchen for the NC Court of Appeals seats. If you'd like suggestions for the other races on your ballot, please contact your local county party. GO VOTE.



The U.S. was named the world's most competitive economy for the first time since 2008. There are some things the country as a whole can improve on, but incredible progress has been made in just the last few years. Not surprisingly, the Chicago Fed chair called the U.S. economic outlook "remarkably positive" as the job market continues to be red hot. CNBC

The disgusting behavior of Senate Democrats and their liberal allies during the Kavanaugh confirmation process has been well-documented. However, the American Bar Association rated him as "well qualified" and will continue to rate him as such: CNN

Speaking of Senate Democrats, North Dakota Senator Heidi Keitkamp decided to identify survivors of sexual assault for a campaign ad...without their consent. Now, these survivors fear that their abusers may be able to find them. Townhall

Oh, can't forget this one: Elizabeth Warren has long claimed that she has prominent Cherokee heritage, allegedly submitting plagiarized French recipes to a Native American cookbook titled "Pow Wow Chow" and listed her ethnicity while at Harvard as Native American. A new DNA test reveals Warren MAY be 1/1024th Native American. Washington Free Beacon

American Bridge is the mediocre Democrat opposition research firm founded by Clinton-ally David Brock and funded in part by Soros. It seems the violent behavior of the liberal mobs extends beyond those chasing people out of restaurants: Washington Free Beacon

If we don't get out the vote, Democrats have a chance to take over the House in DC. What's Nancy Pelosi's first priority? Chipping away at your Second Amendment rights: National Review


The NCGA came back again this week to address the second step regarding Hurricane Florence recovery. Thanks to Republican legislators, the state has an ample Rainy Day Fund and they authorized $850 million for recovery: The News & Observer

The NCGOP has endorsed all six constitutional amendments. Rep. Justin Burr has an op-ed that explains the judicial merit selection amendment in greater detail: The News & Observer

Speaking of the judicial merit selection amendment, opponents of the amendments - who believe voters aren't educated enough to read and decide on their own - have said that the amendment is a radical power shift. Narrator: it isn't. PolitiFact NC

In Wilson County, there seems to be someone missing: their representative, Jean Farmer-Butterfield. Where is she? Read on: The Wilson Times

There has been a national #WalkAway campaign as fed-up Democrats leave the party to re-register as independents or Republicans. Several of them walked away from the NC Democrat Party this week: The Wilson Times

As stated before, Chris Anglin is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. He is in the Supreme Court race to split the vote and help radical liberal Anita Earls. Let's learn a little more about Anglin, shall we? The News & Observer



As a reminder, these are the only endorsed judicial candidates for statewide election. Chris Anglin is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican and is not endorsed by the NCGOP.

All six constitutional amendments have been endorsed by the NCGOP.

You can can learn more about the judicial candidates here and the amendments here.


Check out John Bradford. Bradford was first elected to public office in 2011 as a Cornelius Town Commissioner and was re-elected to a second term in 2013. John was elected to represent District 98 in the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2014 and 2016. He is serving his second consecutive term and serves as the Deputy Majority Whip. John is Chairman of Regulatory Reform and State & Local Government Committees. He also served as Co-Chairman of the Legislative Review Committee for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Go to his campaign website here.
Meet Bobby Hanig, running in House District 6. Bobby has lived in Currituck County for over twenty-five years. After serving in the U.S. Army, Hanig moved to the area and serviced rental properties. A few years later he started his own pool business and created a property management business. Hanig is a self-made small business owner who founded two small businesses, and he grew a one-man operation into a business that services roughly 400 properties in the Outer Banks area. Visit his campaign website here.


Meet Jim Burgin for Senate District 12. Burgin is a longtime resident of Harnett County and current President & Owner of C&D Insurance with two offices located in Harnett County. Mr. Burgin also serves as Chairman of the Board to New Horizon Insurance Group and President of B.C. Property Inc. a real estate development company. He is also a partner in John Hiester Automotive which owns Chevrolet and Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealerships. He served two terms as Harnett County Commissioner and served as Chairman three years. Jim and his wife Ann have been married 38 years, and have three children and three grandchildren. His campaign website is here.


Big GOTV event coming up with First Congressional District candidate Roger Allison! The concert will be next Saturday, October 27. Details:

Juanita Broaddrick will be making an appearance at the Guildford County GOP tomorrow October 20 to campaign with Peter Boykin. Yes, that is the same Broaddrick that was allegedly raped by Bill Clinton while was the Attorney General of Arkansas. Details:

The Wake County GOP has a day of action tomorrow! Details:

Rep. Bill Brawley and Sen. Dan Bishop have a door-knocking event in Charlotte tomorrow! Gather at 9, start at 10. If you'd like to participate, email Kelly Tain at

Next Friday, October 26, there's a big GOTV party in Apex! Check it out here:

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham will be making an appearance in North Carolina! If you've been enthralled watching Graham 2.0 (see here, here, and here [that last one isn't safe for work]), you won't want to miss this. Watch your email for details.

President Trump is coming to Charlotte next Friday, October 26! Watch your email and Facebook for additional details on how to get tickets.


As of today, we're 18 days away from Election Day and 11 days until the absentee ballot request deadline (Oct. 30). Early voting started Tuesday, October 17 and goes until November 3. If you were unable to register to vote, you can still do so at the polls. GO VOTE.

To use the unique VOTE.GOP for NC and request an absentee ballot, go here:

You can also request an absentee ballot here:

If you're registered to vote or to print out your sample ballot, go here:

Find your early voting polling location:

Check your Election Day polling location:

Additional voting tools:


Finally, voter registration fraud was reported in Pitt County. This may not be an isolated incident, so go vote as soon as possible to ensure your registration is correct. See the press release here.



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