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If you haven't been to the State Fair yet, make sure to stop by this weekend! Plenty of stickers and things to hand out. The impeachment inquiry drags on (NC voters aren't happy about it) and Democrat Joe Biden is making an appearance in Durham this weekend (here's where he's going to be if you'd like to peacefully protest). Couple of interesting stories to get to that would be covered completely different if the subjects were Republican. Let's go.



Since Bush 43 (and probably long before him), the media has covered Republicans differently, scrutinizing instances that would be ignored if a candidate had a D next to their name (think "binders full of women"). Words that should carry weight because of their context no longer carry the same linguistic significance ("Nazi" and "racist" come to mind). What do I mean? CNN

California Rep. Katie Hill has been in the news lately and is now under investigation by the House Ethics committee for having an affair with a staffer. This story seems like it's being covered differently than if there was an R next to her name instead of a D. New York Post

I really hope this comes true: Hillary Clinton is allegedly considering a jump into the Democrat primary. If this were to happen, that would be absolutely glorious. HotAir

Here's another piece of ammo for you when discussing Medicare For All. Like many Democrat policies, they're popular on the surface and then people find out what's in them (Obamacare, anyone?). The same applies to M4A. National Review


Roy Cooper has had an absolutely disastrous time managing his administration, which makes you wonder if he even learned anything during his 30+ years in state government. This story is picture perfect: NCDOT ordered a report to detail their spending problems and it ended up costing the state $970K to tell them what they already knew. The company that did the report? A board member is a huge Cooper donor. WRAL

Cooper vetoed HB 370, the bill that would require sheriffs in NC to participate in the 287(g) program. Because sheriffs like Wake's Gerald Baker or Mecklenburg's Gary McFadden have declined to participate, they're putting public safety at risk. WBTV

Most of today's Democrat Party, including Roy Cooper, are against school choice and are pushing a one-size-fits-all public school system despite sending their own kids to private schools (looking at you, Dan McCready). Among minorities, support for school choice is overwhelming because of their successes and it highlights not only the divide in the Democrat Party but an opportunity for the Republican Party to win over those voters. The Fayetteville Observer

You've heard this talking point more than once: expanding Medicaid will help rural hospitals in NC because they're going to close with out it. Just one problem. NC Civitas



The House actually passed something good this week by making some forms of animal cruelty a felony in a unanimous vote. Also passed on a bipartisan basis was legislation to make international doping conspiracies a crime, like the one discovered in Sochi perpetrated by the Russians, and a bill to crack down on anonymous shell companies. Thus ends the bipartisan stuff. House Democrats sent another bill to die in the Senate because they don't seem to understand the 1st Amendment. 

In the Senate, a resolution was introduced to condemn the closeted nature of the impeachment process by Rep. Adam Schiff. They also passed bipartisan legislation to combat deep-fake videos and unanimously passed a bill to strengthen food and agriculture security at ports of entry


Things have been quiet on the House side with the exception of a hearing yesterday to examine different ways of doing redistricting. The Senate has been pretty busy. Not only are they potentially holding the veto override vote next week, but they passed the First Step Act, step increases for teachers and pay raises for principals (the ones Cooper stopped with his veto), and more tax relief.


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