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Voting is near 2016 levels, but we cannot take our foot off the gas. When campaigning, candidates approach every race as if they're down 10. For the next 11 days, hustle as if we're down by 10 points and the only way to make up the difference is to get out the vote. Let's check out this week.



Let's start with one last bit about Kavanaugh. Remember the ridiculous allegations from Julie Swetnik about gang rapes? The Senate Judiciary is referring her claims and her creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti to the DOJ for criminal investigation. National Review

Ok, one more thing related to Kavanaugh: why do Americans distrust the press? This is why: Hot Air

One of the big stories this week has been the caravan of migrants coming through Central America and Mexico. What should we do about it? Former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum details how we can address them. The Atlantic

There's no shortage of talk about a "blue wave." However, in key states where there are big Senate races, Republicans are outpacing Democrats. Let's make that happen here! NBC News 

Democrats like to whine about how the rich aren't paying their fair share in taxes (although they never say exactly how much they should actually pay). So how much do the top 3% pay in taxes exactly? The richest 1409 people in the country pay more income tax than the bottom 70 million. Bloomberg

"A rising tide lifts all boats." The economy grew at a robust 3.5% in Q3, and as a result, more women are being drawn into the workforce. The Wall Street Journal

Because the Trump admin is essentially remaking the federal judiciary, Democrats are turning to state courts to stop conservatives and enact a far-left agenda, which is exactly what happens if Anita Earls beats Barbara Jackson. This article from a liberal magazine will give you insight as to what Democrats are trying to do. The New Republic


Speaking of Anita Earls, it should come as no surprise that the infamous George Soros has been bankrolling her organization for years and now her campaign may have broken campaign coordination laws. Learn more about left-wing extremist Anita Earls here: Washington Examiner

A Supreme Court Justice is not an entry-level job. Judicial experience counts (Anita Earls has none) and that's why the NCGOP has endorsed Barbara Jackson: The Enterprise

Wrong ballots, changed votes, and at least four potential voter registration fraud cases the State Board of Elections is investigating in Pitt County. Check your ballot before leaving the booth! The Daily Reflector

There must be something in the water in Greenville (as two-time ECU grad, it's certainly possible). This time, it's the Democrat candidate for Pitt County District Attorney who allegedly assaulted a Republican volunteer: The News & Observer

Derek Partee, the 12th District GOP Vice-Chair and a former NYPD homicide detective that was present during the 9/11 attacks, was volunteering at an early polling location in Charlotte advocating for Republican candidates. He was then threatened simply for the color of his skin and fortunately, an arrest has been made: Fox 46

Since taking over the NCGA in the 2010 elections, Republicans have enacted pro-growth policies that continue to pay off as the state's unemployment rate keeps decreasing. The constitutional amendment that would cap the income tax at 7% is another cog in the wheel to protect taxpayers. Carolina Journal



As a reminder, these are the only endorsed judicial candidates for statewide election. Chris Anglin is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican and is not endorsed by the NCGOP.

All six constitutional amendments have been endorsed by the NCGOP.

You can can learn more about the judicial candidates here and the amendments here.


Check out Ken Fontenot, running in House District 24. He's is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He served eight years in the United States Marine Corps and began his career as an enlisted Marine working in supply administration. He later transitioned to a commissioned officer working in military finance. While in the Marine Corps Kenneth served in several locales including Camp Pendleton, CA, Okinawa Japan, Afghanistan, and concluded his service at Camp Lejeune, NC. As a Forest Hills Middle School teacher and pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Ken brings strong conservative values and integrity. He'll be a strong voice for Wilson County in Raleigh. Visit his Facebook page here.
Meet Rep. Andy Dulin. Dulin is proud to represent House District 104 in the NC House where he serves on the Appropriations, Health, Insurance, Pensions and Retirement, Rules, and Agriculture Committees. Prior to serving in the NC House, Andy served on the Charlotte City Council for 8 years where he represented many of the same citizens and neighborhoods he currently represents in the NC House. He strives to provide House District 104 with the same level of excellent constituent service he was known for providing on the Charlotte City Council. Check out his campaign website here.


Check out Kimberly Robb. Robb has called Pitt County home for three decades. She and her husband, Jeff, met while tailgating before an East Carolina football game. They have three children. Robb was appointed district attorney in 2013 and spent the first 20 years of her career in Pitt County as a felony child abuse prosecutor. For the past year, she has served as president of the Conference of District Attorneys. Robb is seeking the state senate seat because the work interests her and she wants to make a difference. Visit her campaign website here.


Big GOTV event tomorrow with First Congressional District candidate Roger Allison! The concert is tomorrow, Saturday October 27. Details:

GOTV party in Apex tonight! Check it out here:

Wake County has a phone banking event this Wednesday. Come on down:


As of today, we're 11 days away from Election Day and 4 days until the absentee ballot request deadline (Oct. 30). Early voting started Tuesday, October 17 and goes until November 3. If you were unable to register to vote, you can still do so at the polls. GO VOTE.

To use the unique VOTE.GOP for NC and request an absentee ballot, go here:

You can also request an absentee ballot here:

If you're registered to vote or to print out your sample ballot, go here:

Find your early voting polling location:

Check your Election Day polling location:

Additional voting tools:



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