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There's a ton to cover from this week and as of about an hour ago, Sen. Susan Collins is a yes on Kavanaugh's confirmation. There are a few more stories in here than normal, but with Saturday's potential confirmation vote looming, it's important to be thorough. Set aside some time this weekend and read on.



Potentially spurred by lower taxes and deregulation, this article describes the current job market in three little words: "Rip-roaring hot." CNBC

With a lot of talk about trade, NAFTA has been reworked and updated, now called the USCMA. Next, it must be ratified by Congress. Read about some of the details here: The News & Observer

There are an absurd number of stories regarding Kavanaugh that need to be shared. This could be an entire separate category on its own, so let's boil it down to a few groups:

  • Dr. Ford stated that she wanted a second door installed in her home to alleviate her fears. An investigation into real estate records tells a different story: Real Clear Investigations
  • Treat this story with caution. Supposedly, an ex-boyfriend of Dr. Ford stated that a friend of Dr. Ford's, Monica McLean (remember that name), helped Ford prepare for polygraph tests: Fox News
  • Now, why should the ex-boyfriend/polygraph story be treated with caution? Here's why: Washington Examiner
  • Here's why the name Monica McLean is important: she's a former FBI agent that allegedly pressured Leland Keyser - the same woman who denied knowing Kavanaugh or ever attending a party with him - to change her story. The Wall Street Journal

During this entire process, the some members of the media have openly cheered for a side or blindly reported allegations as fact. Others have started using hashtags, e.g. #BelieveSurvivors. 

  • Regarding the media and their treatment of Senate Democrats, this op-ed pulls no punches: National Review
  • The Atlantic isn't exactly known for its conservatism, but this is an op-ed you should read about #BelieveSurvivors. People may not agree with all of it, but it's important to understand perspective, maybe even more so when it's a perspective you might not agree with: The Atlantic

Sen. Cory "Spartacus" Booker is probably running for President in 2020. Despite pushing for an investigation, now he's saying "it doesn't matter if he's innocent or guilty." Kelley Paul, wife of Sen. Rand Paul, calls out Booker for his reprehensible conduct calling for activists to get up in the faces of Republicans: CNN

Senate Democrats overplayed their hand badly and made a mockery of the confirmation process, ruining two families' lives in the process. The results? They've not only awoken complacent GOP voters who may have thought about staying home this November, but they've angered female voters.

With the Kavanaugh confirmation coming to a close, what's next? This column from Washington Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti is a foreshadowing of the next confirmation fight (looking at you, Amy Coney Barrett): Washington Free Beacon


The General Assembly came in for a one-day special session to take the first step to address Hurricane Florence recovery. Read about the legislation here: NC Civitas

The Cooper administration's incompetent Hurricane Matthew response gets even more coverage: Port City Daily

With estimates in the billions regarding Florence, federal legislators were able to secure $1.7B in aid for a first step: The Fayetteville Observer

As the state comes together to recover from Hurricane Florence, the policies put into place and the current cooperation can serve as a model for the rest of the nation: Carolina Journal

Since taking over control of the NCGA in 2011, Republicans have led a slew of policy and tax changes that have had positive effects. As a result, the state's economy and wage growth continue to be among the best in the country: Business Insider

Speaking of tax changes, under the Republican-led NCGA, the corporate tax rate has been cut in half. As a result, our state's ranking regarding business taxes reflect the pro-growth changes: Tax Foundation



As a reminder, these are the only endorsed judicial candidates for statewide election. Chris Anglin is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican and is not endorsed by the NCGOP.

All six constitutional amendments have been endorsed by the NCGOP.

You can can learn more about the judicial candidates here and the amendments here.


First up is Debra Conrad. She's a lifelong resident of Forsyth County and an eighth-generation Moravian. Debra graduated from R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem and went on to study at Wake Forest University where she received a degree in Medical Technology.Since being elected to the NC House, Debra has fought tirelessly to reduce government meddling in the economy so that employees and employers in her district can thrive. From the outset, she has been a principled and disciplined leader, and she consistently delivers on her strong, conservative beliefs. Visit her campaign website here
Meet Scott Stone. Scott currently represents southern Mecklenburg County (District 105). Scott currently serves as president of American Engineering, a regional civil engineering and survey firm, headquartered in Charlotte. The firm performs state and municipal infrastructure projects and private sector civil engineering design projects for clients throughout the Southeast. As a business owner, Scott understands the regulatory and financial challenges facing job creators and brings that experience to his role as a legislator. You can learn more about him here.


Check out Sen. Kathy Harrington. In the Senate, they’ve made great strides improving the state’s economy by reducing regulations, controlling spending, and cutting taxes for working families and small businesses. They’ve also made public schools a top priority: raising teacher pay, increasing choices for families, and boosting reading proficiency. They’ve taken stands for the Second Amendment and traditional, conservative North Carolina values. And finally, they’ve brought critical resources back home to Gaston County. Check out her campaign website here.


Nelson Dollar has a canvassing event tomorrow! Details:

NC Federation of College Republicans also have a canvassing event tomorrow:

Chris Humphrey, candidate for NC House District 12, has a canvassing event on Saturday and well. Here's how to sign up:

On October 13, Anne Murtha has a canvassing event. You can check it out here:


As of today, we're 32 days away from Election Day, 25 days until absentee ballot request deadline, 12 days until early voting starts (Oct. 17), and 7 days until voter registration ends. Absentee ballot voting has started!

The voter registration deadline has been extended to October 15th in some counties affected by Florence. To find out more, go here:

To use the unique VOTE.GOP for NC and request an absentee ballot, go here:

You can also request an absentee ballot here:

If you're not registered to vote, or need help registering someone to vote, go here:

If you're registered, check to make sure:

Check your polling location:

Additional voting tools:

Hope everyone has a safe weekend!


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