The Republican Party of North Carolina The Republican Party of North Carolina

As newly-elected Members of Congress made their way to Washington this week for orientation, things still rage on in Florida as Democrats go all out to suppress Republican votes and enable voter fraud. The NCGA is still unsettled as recounts will undoubtedly begin next week in the 103rd House District and the 9th Senate District.



Add this to the ever-growing "Remember folks, voter fraud doesn't exist" file as this story revealed how Democrats planned to commit election fraud regarding absentee ballots. Naples Daily News

The President threw his support behind a bipartisan bill being drafted in the Senate that would overhaul sentencing and prisoner re-entry programs. While full details aren't available just yet, check out the framework here: NBC News

Remember the crazy gang rape accusation from the Kavanaugh hearings? Infamous porn lawyer and potential 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Michael Avenatti was the lead behind it. Guess what he did this week? The Washington Free Beacon

The Democrat Party has a problem with anti-Semitism, like the anti-Semitic Minnesota Democrat Congresswoman-Elect who replaced Louis Farrakhan acolyte Keith Ellison. Check out what the media won't cover so we can hold Democrats accountable: New York Post

The new litmus test for Democrats is the promise to enact the far-left policy of single-payer health insurance. People like it until they hear how much it's going to cost them, which is why Democrats don't tell people the price tag or the horror stories that come with it. The Wall Street Journal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the newly-elected democratic socialist from NY, and so far she looks to be the gift that will keep on giving (reminder: attacking her attire plays into her hands; go after her ideas and policies instead because they're awful). Even members of her own party are worried how far out of the mainstream the new crop of Democrats are dragging them. USA Today


With the 2018 cycle nearly over, we turn to 2020. Democrat Governor Roy Cooper starts his re-election campaign under investigation after bipartisan agreement concerning his lack of transparency over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and pay-to-play antics. WRAL

State Treasurer Dale Folwell continues to be an excellent steward of the taxpayers' money. This story sheds a few more details concerning the state health plan and what Secretary Folwell is doing to help reign in costs. Carolina Journal

Occupational licensing has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. Democrats love regulation, and addressing occupational licensing reform is an area the GOP can use to expand its tent. How much does the excessive regulation cost NC in money and jobs? Carolina Journal

The suburbs have usually been an area of GOP strength. In this election, they swung to the left as Democrats stoked fear and division as their campaign message. How can we recoup these voters? John Hood has some ideas: Carolina Journal

As discussed above, the election revealed an urban/rural divide and the suburban battleground. Was there necessarily a blue wave in the state? Former McCrory DEQ spokesman Mike Rusher gives his take. Washington Examiner

Travel during Thanksgiving - or holidays in general - is always difficult. For those who take to the roads to travel next week, please drive safely. The NC Highway Patrol is taking travel seriously this season as they plan to place at least one trooper every 20 miles on ALL interstates starting Wednesday, November 21: WFMY


The Mecklenburg County GOP is having a volunteer appreciation party that will double as a Christmas Party! Details are here:

If you have events you'd like for me to include, email me the details and I'll put them in the weekly Recaps.


The Recap will be taking next week off for Thanksgiving but will return the following Friday to summarize the legislative session to enact the four constitutional amendments. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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