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Well folks, it's official: college basketball is back (next week)! For those of you whose football teams are having miserable seasons, it's a welcome addition. Reminder: today is the LAST DAY of early voting for those of you who have municipal elections on November 5th. The impeachment process is official with yesterday's vote, Warren released a massive tax increase on everyone, and I have waaaay too much leftover candy. Before you dip into your kids' candy supply (or your own) this weekend, check out the stories you may have missed.



Let's start with a new study out from the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget on how to pay for Medicare For All. Currently, there is no national sales tax, just state and local. So, one option is just a small national sales tax: 42%. No, not kidding. Check out the other ways of paying for it here. Yahoo! Finance

Speaking of Medicare For All, Sen. Elizabeth Warren released her plan on how to pay for it. Before you read the piece, Sen. Bernie Sanders' plan would cost $32T over 10 years with significant middle-class tax hikes. How much does Warren's plan cost? The number is astounding. National Review

The U.S. economy continues to hum along at a solid clip, beating the expected jobs projection by more than 50,000. CNBC

This story is a little longer, so make sure you've got an extra cup of coffee to read through this very deep dive into the homeless problem facing San Francisco and the far-left "progressive" policies that have contributed to the decline of one of America's great cities. City Journal


Most, if not all, of Roy Cooper's cabinet agencies get billion-dollar budgets each year. For example, take NCDOT and their $5B budget. Treasurer Dale Folwell wants the head of NCDOT fired after gross mismangement of funds led to Cooper's agency spending more than $2B over their allotted budget. WCNC

Oh look! More Cooper cabinet problems! Included in every budget is money to pay for scholarships for children of war veterans, and it's been a part of the budget for almost 70 years. Former Democrat Rep. Larry Hall is the Secretary of Military and Veterans Affairs within Cooper's cabinet, and he hasn't been authorizing payment for them. Shameful. WBTV

It's not just the sheriffs of Charlotte and Wake counties (and Roy Cooper) endangering public safety by releasing illegal immigrants back out into their respective communities; The sheriff of Buncombe County is getting involved too and the decision was slammed by the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of NC. Citizen-Times

Speaking of college basketball, the NCAA announced this week that they will develop rules for athletes to use their likeness to make money while still in college (return of NCAA Football video game?). Rep. Mark Walker has been on this issue for quite some time (where he got quite a few shoutouts on ESPN's Golic & Wingo), and it's certainly possible that he is one of the reasons why the NCAA has been forced into a corner. Carolina Journal



The impeachment resolution vote has been covered extensively, and every Congressional member from NC voted along party lines. But what else has gone on? The Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative caucus in the House that used to be chaired by Rep. Mark Walker, released a health care plan. The House did vote on a bill to sanction Turkey for its actions, and the only Democrat to vote against it was anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (surprise, right?). 

On the Senate side, given the problems with sheriffs compromising public safety in NC, Sen. Tillis introduced legislation to compel sheriffs to comply with ICE detainers. The Senate also passed the first spending package to address the coming deadline, setting up the Thanksgiving showdown. 

Speaking of the Senate, please keep the friends and family of former Senator Kay Hagan in your thoughts and prayers. As many of you know, she passed away this week after a battle with a debilitating illness resulting from a tick bite. Should you wish to pay your respects, her funeral has been scheduled for this Sunday in Greensboro. She was just 66 years old.


In what might be the final week of session, both chambers pushed through quite a bit of legislation. They passed legislation addressing the revocation of consent in regards to a legal loophole, the teacher pay raises Cooper vetoed, personal and business tax relief, absentee ballot security, and hurricane relief funding

Both chambers are out for the next 12 days as they await the court's ruling on the congressional map lawsuit.


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On Saturday November 2nd, the Fayetteville Republican Women's Club will be hosting the Red, White, and Blue and Politics Too BBQ! Check it out here: Red, White, And Blue And Politics Too BBQ

On November 16th, join the Yancey County GOP for a Thanksgiving Potluck! Details are here: Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch

The Hoke County GOP is hosting a massive event on November 17th, the 2020 Red, White, And Bluegrass BBQ! More info: Hoke County GOP Red, White, And Bluegrass BBQ

The Guilford County GOP is hosting a Council of State candidate forum on November 21st! Details are here: Guilford County GOP Council of State Candidate Forum

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