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If you haven't purchased your tickets to the Hall of Fame dinner on December 7, go ahead and do that now! A lot of stuff went down this week, and it was't just the public's views on impeachment. Another relatively boring Democrat debate that showed a lot of favoritism toward Sen. Elizabeth Warren (can't imagine why). Cooper's corruption finally sways the liberal editorial boards that have treated him with a feather over the last three years - the same liberal editorial boards that treated McCrory with a baseball bat. The media puts their head back into the sand when it comes to things happening under Obama. Some of them are almost beyond parody at this point. Let's go.

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There was a ton of presidential candidate news this week so we're going to go by candidate:

  • Pete Buttigieg - His campaign has several sections on his websites detailing his plans for the African-American community. The problem? A lot of them were stock photos of Kenyans and some people had never been contacted about endorsing him. Fox News
  • VP Joe Biden - There has been a lot of scrutiny this week over his son's involvement with a Ukrainian natural gas company. But there's happy news: Hunter Biden fathered another grandchild for the VP! Fox News
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren - She held an event in Atlanta last night. Warren, once a huge supporter of charter schools until she sold out to unions, had her event interrupted by a large minority community of protestors who were pro-school choice. The Hill

A news story came out this week about the number of immigrant children being held us U.S. Border Patrol detainment centers, about 100,000. As soon as the source of the figures revealed that number was from 2015 under the Obama administration, they pulled the story. It seems that something only becomes newsworthy if it's not Obama. The New York Post

Speaking of Obama, there's a new ABC report out regarding how much middle-class Americans are spending on health care. In 2008, they spent about 8% of their income on health care. In 2018, that number climbed to almost 12%. Wasn't there something passed in 2009 that was supposed to save families $2500 a year on health insurance? ABC News

I'm piling on the media this week, namely because some of the national outlets deserve it. Most of y'all remember the "She Persisted" moment of Sen. Warren or Sen. Harris' rude questioning of a witness that caused Sen. Burr to intervene. The same thing happened to Rep. Elise Stefanik via Rep. Adam Schiff. The double standard of how Stefanik is being treated compared to Warren or Harris is appalling. Washington Examiner


We've all known Cooper is not only incompetent, but corrupt. He served in the NCGA when that culture was the norm and now it's trickled over to the Governor's Mansion. A report from the investigators hired after a bipartisan committee vote found some potential criminal violations with Cooper's $58M slush fund from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. WBTV

For a deeper dive into the ACP issue, check out this story about how some permits to cut trees may have been a way that Governor Cooper and his senior advisors were able to extract the $58M slush fund as a way to get the permits approved. Carolina Journal

Cal Cunningham is Chuck Schumer's hand-picked candidate to be the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate. Schumer has instructed him to sit in a windowless basement and raise money while completely ignoring the people he needs to court, and a recent poll shows him losing to his primary opponent. This fact check won't help him. WRAL

North Carolina was scheduled to transition its Medicaid program in order to save the state money and increase the quality of care for those enrolled in the program. Because of Cooper's veto, that transition is on hold indefinitely, putting the health and safety of NC at risk. Carolina Journal



Democrats passed a bill to keep government open, which is sure to be gutted into something resembling reasonable legislation by Sen. McConnell (and yes, your NC Congressional Republicans held strong on the bill). They did pass a bipartisan bill in support of the Hong Kong protestors (something the NBA is too cowardly to do). 

On the Senate side, they passed their version of the spending bill that the President signed into law. They also unanimously passed the same bill in support of the Hong Kong protestors. McConnell stays true to his motto: "Leave no vacancy behind." He filed cloture on several more federal judicial nominees and two more were confirmed. One of the confirmations flips the 2nd Circuit from Dem-controlled to Republican majority. When the others are confirmed, the 11th Circuit will flip as well. These actions will help the courts to remain in conservative hands for a generation and should absolutely inspire you to do the same thing in NC.


Both chambers adjourned last week upon completion of the new Congressional maps. The court has already put an injunction in that does not allow candidates to file for the districts when filing opens on Dec. 2. A hearing is scheduled for the same day. Depending on what happens with the courts, those running for Congress who have primary opponents may have their elections delayed until April or potentially May. The primary election for all races in North Carolina is currently scheduled for March 3, 2020.


December 7th is the NCGOP Hall of Fame Dinner! Award applications and tickets are available here: 2019 Hall of Fame Dinner

Make sure to visit the NCGOP Events page to see more events than what's listed there.

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