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We're down to the wire. Early voting ends tomorrow and Election Day is only a few days away. Haven't voted yet? Go now or ensure you have a plan to get to a poll tonight, tomorrow, or Tuesday. Return your absentee ballot today. Already voted? Call your friends. Make sure they've voted or are planning on it. Make calls. Knock doors. Let's bring it home.



Ok, I lied: one more bit about Kavanaugh. Who's his replacement on the DC Circuit Court going to be? Here's one potential nominee. Washington Examiner

Ah, nothing like casual racism from Hillary Clinton that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. No Democrat was asked about her comments. What did she say? Find out here. The Daily Wire

"I can't wait for tax season!" said no one ever. This year might be different. The GOP-led tax reform signed into law by the President could result in much larger tax refunds. Yahoo Finance

The final economic report before the election revealed good news: the robust economy added 250,000 jobs and wages and salaries grew by their largest amount since 2009. Associated Press

Obama did his best to try and close Gitmo, the high security facility in Cuba that houses suspected terrorists. Obama traded five of them for deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Take a wild guess where they are now. Military Times


State Treasurer Dale Folwell has quietly been having success saving the taxpayers money. Now, he wants to bring additional transparency regarding the state health care plan that could save $300M of your tax dollars. Read on: WRAL

A story from Monday stated that the voting numbers might not add up to a blue wave. That does not mean complacency; that means pour it on and run it up. The News & Observer

"This House district will determine who controls Congress!" One can make that argument for just about any race. That being said, Rep. Holding jumped out to a 9-point lead in a new poll. What's going on in the Thirteenth with Rep. Budd and Pelosi's favorite liberal mega-funder Kathy Manning? Carolina Journal

Democrats love to complain about big money, but Roy Cooper certainly isn't shying away from Tom Steyer, the environmental extremist that is hell-bent on impeaching Trump. Cooper openly met with him just this week. Not a good story a day after former Democrat Governor Jim Hunt gave $325K to the NC Democrat Party, which turned around and donated $350K to his daughter running against Bill Brawley. WRAL

When people think tech jobs, thoughts usually turn to Silicon Valley. Thanks to the pro-growth reforms of the Republican-led NCGA, Raleigh has quietly climbed to the second-best place in the country for tech. Crunchbase News

Anti-Second Amendment groups like Michael Bloomberg's Everytown or Mom's Demand continue to push gun control after school shootings. Seems they don't care that school shootings have decreased substantially despite the increased attention on social media. Regardless, Rep. Craig Horn gives some details about how the Republican-led General Assembly can help with the safety of our children. WFAE



As a reminder, these are the only endorsed judicial candidates for statewide election. Chris Anglin is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican and is not endorsed by the NCGOP.

All six constitutional amendments have been endorsed by the NCGOP.

You can can learn more about the judicial candidates here and the amendments here.


Check out House Majority Whip Jon Hardister of District 59. Jon was born and raised in Greensboro, NC as the only child of Wayne and Carolyn Hardister. He is a graduate of Grimsley High School and Greensboro College, where he obtained a B.A. in Political Science. After college Jon went to work as the Vice President for Marketing at First Carolina Mortgage, a small business that is owned and operated by his family. His family's business, just like many others, was severely impacted by the Great Recession. This experience, along with his concern for our State's future, is primarily what inspired Jon to run for office. Since taking office Jon has proven to be one of the most effective leaders in the General Assembly. He has passed numerous bills, chaired committees and received several awards for his work. His colleagues elected him to serve as the NC House Majority Whip, which is one of the top leadership positions in the General Assembly. You can view his campaign website here

A native of Georgia, Marilyn Avila has lived in north Raleigh for 35 years. A proven conservative, Marilyn served House District 40 for ten years in the General Assembly. Marilyn and her husband, Alex, have been married for 46 years and are the parents of two adult children. They are the doting grandparents of two truly exceptional grandsons. A dedicated problem-solver and effective public servant, Marilyn is known for her unique ability to tackle complex issues and reach commonsense solutions. A work background that covered vastly disparate occupations resulted in experiences and skills that have served her well in elected office. Chemistry classes and textile laboratories resulted in a detail-oriented, fact-driven approach to problem solving with legislation. As a small business owner, Marilyn experienced firsthand how government regulations created hurdles in growing a business. An understanding of the scope of issues facing a legislator was gained through work at the John Locke Foundation, a state-based public policy organization focused on free market, limited government solutions. Visit her campaign website here.


Andy Wells is Senator for the 42nd NC Senate District (Alexander and Catawba Counties). Wells is owner of Prism Development in Hickory. Prism develops and brokers a variety of real estate projects including banks, office buildings, retail, apartments and mixed-use communities in the Hickory MSA. Prism manages commercial property, homeowners associations and apartments. Prism related companies own real estate investments in the 96th District. Wells served in 2012-2014 as President of the (11-county) Piedmont Council Boy Scouts of America (Eagle Scout), previously served as Chairman of the YMCA of Catawba Valley and is a member the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce. He has served on the board of directors of the John Locke Foundation. Wells has served as Chairman of the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans and Chairman of the 10th District Republican Party. View his campaign website here.


Last Saturday door-knocking opportunity with quite a few candidates! Here's one with Nelson Dollar:

The NCGOP in conjunction with the Holding campaign and the Wake County GOP will be holding a watch party at the Double Tree Brownstone Harvest Grille. Address is 1707 Hillsborough Street. Come on down and watch the returns starting 7:30pm!


As of today, we're 4 days away from Election Day. Early voting ends tomorrow. If you received an absentee ballot and have yet to return it, do it now. An absentee ballot will only count if it is postmarked by November 6 and returned to the NCSBE by November 9. If you were unable to register to vote, you can still do so at the polls. GO VOTE.

If you're registered to vote or to print out your sample ballot, go here:

To use the unique VOTE.GOP for NC and find an early voting location or your Election Day polling place, go here:

Find your early voting polling location:

Check your Election Day polling location:

Additional voting tools:

This is it folks. Make it count.

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