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Lots to get to this week, but first let's do something fun: have you been searching for that perfect wrapping paper for your Trump-loving parents or Republican-hating relative? Say no more: Trump wrapping paper. Check it out. Now, on to the stories you may have missed this week.



The left constantly screams that people don't need some firearms to hunt or defend themselves, the enormously popular AR-15 in particular. The alternate narrative is, "A good guy with a gun never stops the bad guy." Tell that to this pregnant Florida mom. New York Post

You've probably seen this term before: Latinx. Democrats, in their never-ending quest for political correctness, are using a term that the Hispanic community doesn't even use. Could that create a problem Republicans can exploit? The Hispanic community is deeply religious and are natural allies to the conservative movement. The New York Times

There were several elections this past week in other states for state offices, like Virginia and Kentucky. While some are calling the loss of Kentucky's Republican Governor Matt Bevin a troubling sign for Sen. McConnell (laughable), they're ignoring the GOP's sweep of other statewide offices by double-digit margins. As a result, Kentucky elected the first African-American Attorney General, who happens to be Republican Daniel Cameron. Courier Journal

In international news, a family of eight U.S. citizens were slaughtered in an ambush by a Mexican cartel. Incredibly, opinion writers blamed the family's religion for the killings. No, I'm not kidding. Read up on the actual event here. Associated Press


Far-left presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren visited North Carolina this week. Her hallmark policy, Medicare For All, was released last week and you can read more details about it in the Recap. While this editorial isn't from NC, it will tell you a little more about her plan. The Dallas Morning News

A group of far-left students at UNCC are trying to get the Vice Chancellor for Safety and Security removed because he was a commander at Guantanamo Bay. Snowflakes. Snowflakes, everywhereWCNC

Governor Cooper has been on a tear this week, and that's not a good thing. He vetoed teacher pay raises, tax relief, and cybersecurity funding today, and vetoed this important bill earlier. North State Journal

This week, the Trump campaign and the NCGOP held a watch party and Week of Action to test its infrastructure on the elections taking place this past Tuesday. Check out a recap of the event and comments from Chairman Whatley and Executive Director Jonanthan Sink. North State Journal



No floor votes were taken in the House this week. 

Last week, the House passed a bill to make some forms of animal cruelty a federal felony. The Senate passed the bill unanimously. Of note, the Senate confirmed four more judicial nominees and McConnell filed cloture on two more. Incredible stat: one out of every four judges on the federal appeals circuit have been confirmed under Senator McConnell and President Trump. Amazing. 


No legislation passed this week but they are starting to work on the Congressional maps as part of the judges' preliminary injunction. The joint committee started work with a hearing on Tuesday and has worked via livestream, both audio and video, for the last few days. They adjourned yesterday and will continue to work next week. Want to make your voice heard? Submit your comments via the portal here: Joint Select Committee on Congressional Redistricting (2019)


Want to be a part of the massive grassroots army to help keep NC red in 2020? Sign up for future Trump Victory program trainings here: Trump Victory Leadership Initiative

The Raleigh Republican Club is hosting Secretary of Labor candidate Rep. Josh Dobson next week on the 14th! Go check it out: Raleigh Republican Club November Meeting

On November 16th, join the Yancey County GOP for a Thanksgiving Potluck! Details are here: Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch

The Hoke County GOP is hosting a massive event on November 17th, the 2020 Red, White, And Bluegrass BBQ! More info: Hoke County GOP Red, White, And Bluegrass BBQ

On November 19th, the Johnston County GOP is hosting their "Let Trump Be Trump" event featuring 2016 Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski! Get your tickets here: Let Trump Be Trump

On November 20th, the Wake County GOP is having their Reagan Day Dinner also featuring Lewandowski. Info is here: Wake County GOP Reagan Day Dinner

The Guilford County GOP is hosting a Council of State candidate forum on November 21st! Details are here: Guilford County GOP Council of State Candidate Forum

December 7th is the NCGOP Hall of Fame Dinner! Award applications and tickets are available here: 2019 Hall of Fame Dinner

Make sure to visit the NCGOP Events page to see more events than what's listed there.


While Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's loss was disappointing, don't take it at face value, i.e. that Republicans are in trouble there. The Kentucky GOP retained their legislative supermajorities and elected Republicans by double-digit margins statewide. Here's what I really wanted to get to: over the past couple years, Democrats in NC have argued that the state popular vote should resemble the make up of its legislators, both federal and state. Virginia has been trending blue and Democrats won control of both houses of the state legislature for the first time in decades. The state popular vote total, you ask? Republicans had nearly 37,000 more votes than Democrats and lost a majority in both houses (I'm sure Common Cause is rushing to file a lawsuit as you read this). Who helped this effort to enact a map favoring Democrats? Eric Holder, and he's doing the same thing here. This is why winning the eight statewide judicial races this year is so important (and retaining majorities in the NCGA). They're below. Get to know them NOW. 

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