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Election Day has come and gone. Some good things happened, some didn't. There will still be a few recounts that will take probably place in Guilford, Mecklenburg, and New Hanover. Before we jump into the news, let's go over the election results. Disclaimer: these results are not official until the statewide canvass on November 27.



Despite millions of dollars in outside ads from liberal special groups, Nancy Pelosi was unable to purchase a Congressional seat in NC. Of the three races that received the most national attention, Reps. Holding and Budd cruised. Dan McCready conceded yesterday, and that means the Ninth will be represented by Congressman-Elect Mark Harris. Congrats to all the candidates for simply outworking their liberal challengers. However, make no mistake: Pelosi and national Democrats will come after those seats again.


Voters returned Republicans to a 29-21 majority. Still outstanding are Sens. Trudy Wade and Michael Lee. Both are within the 1% margin that allows a candidate to ask for a recount, and Lee only trails by 38 votes. If they win, the Senate retains its supermajority. If you're in those areas, stay tuned for ways you can help observe. There were races that were certainly closer than expected, so we need to either shore up those seats or look at flipping back ones we narrowly lost.


Currently, the House stands at a 66-54 Republican majority. Rep. Bill Brawley leads his opponent Rachel Hunt by 52 votes despite being vastly outspent. It's critical that Rep. Brawley, one of the best financial minds in the GA and one of the architects of the STI legislation, return to Raleigh to represent the 103rd. The silver lining, like the Senate races, is that there were some seats that we came close to flipping. Two examples: Ken Fontenot came within 500 votes of flipping Jean Farmer-Butterfield and Joey Davis within 1000 votes of Ken Goodman. Time to step up the pressure on those Democrat representatives.


Unfortunately we did not pull through in any of these races. Democrat plant Chris Anglin did his job in the NC Supreme Court race. The total number of voters would have led Barbara Jackson to a win. It's disappointing, sure, but here's the next step: Republican Justice Paul Newby is up in 2020. We need to start working right now to inform voters and start researching his potential opponents. After Newby, we have a chance to remove every single Democrat from the Supreme Court: Democrats Ervin, Beasley, and Hudson are all up in 2022, Morgan is up in 2024, and then Earls in 2026. There will be ample opportunities to take back the NCSC and increase our majority on the Court of Appeals. Start planning now.


The opposition considers losing four of six a win. Not sure what the color of the sky is in that world, but voters overwhelmingly passed the right to hunt and fish, Marsy's Law, the maximum income tax cap, and voter ID. The General Assembly comes back after Thanksgiving to put forth the enacting legislation for these amendments. While the other two amendments were defeated with millions in ads from liberal dark money groups (the ones they love to hate), Democrats might regret defeating the Bipartisan Board and the Judicial Merit Selection amendments when Republicans take back the Governor's Mansion.


Republicans had some success on the local front, although you probably won't read or hear about it in the media. Several counties now have Republican majorities on their county commissions for the first time, even more have Republican Sheriffs for the first time, and the youngest county commissioner in the state was elected in Lee County - Arianna Del Pazzio, a 24-year-old conservative woman. 

For counties that are in urban or suburban areas, we did not do well at all. Republicans need to learn to compete in urban areas and retake suburbia in order to grow the party for the future. How we can do that will certainly be part of the discussion and local county parties should absolutely brainstorm how we can do so. Sooner rather than later, the people in these areas will undoubtedly grow frustrated with the increased cost of living due to higher taxes and increased regulation that will come with Democrat rule. We should be prepared to jump on that opportunity.



Yep, still more Kavanaugh stuff. The Senate Judiciary Committee led by Sen. Chuck Grassley released a 400-page report on Kavanaugh's accusers. Read the breakdown here. The Federalist

Remember how House Democrats said that if they took over the House they'd look at impeaching Trump and Kavanaugh? Looks like the talk has increased. The RNC should thank House Democrats for the in-kind contribution to their 2020 campaign ads. Fox News

Michigan Republican candidate John James is a rising star. Imagine what might've happened in the MI Senate race if the media had given him just 10% of the coverage Beto O'Rourke received. But I digress: a reporter called his campaign hoping to arrange a post-election interview. Read the piece to see media bias in action. Newsweek

Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, who has close associations with anti-Semitic members Linda Sarsour and Tamika Malloy of the Women's March and DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison (now Minnesota's Attorney General), went on a tour to Iran. Take a wild guess what he said. The Washington Free Beacon

Mobs of angry liberal and progressive activists have been attacking anyone who thinks differently than them, chasing them out of restaurants, banging on the Supreme Court doors, or blocking streets in Seattle. Find out what they did to Tucker Carlson's wife while she was home alone. Hot Air

There are some seriously shady shenanigans happening in Florida and it happens to be in the same county as the Parkland shooting - Broward. Sen. Marco Rubio is furious about the blatant violations of state law from the chair of the Broward County Board of Elections. Read why. The Washington Free Beacon


Here's a great example of why we need to compete in cities: Raleigh's city council is Democrat-controlled. Several cities around the state have the Bird and Lime scooters. Around the country, most cities charge companies between $25-$150 a scooter to operate. Raleigh? They doubled the charge to $300 in a blatant attempt to regulate them out of existence.  The News & Observer

Remember the story of the secret DMV office that Cooper's admin created just for family and friends while citizens waited in long lines? Now it seems DMV Secretary Torre Jessup of the Cooper admin is changing his story on the reason for those long lines. WBTV

As previously stated, Democrat plant Chris Anglin did his job to keep Barbara Jackson from winning. Who funded the campaign of this fake Republican? I'll give you three guesses but you'll only need one. WRAL

The folks over at the Carolina Journal have been all over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline story that has environmental extremists up in arms over Cooper's approval. Check out their update: Carolina Journal

As talked about above, there were some good things that happened nationally and statewide but some bad things as well. John Hood has a fairly good breakdown of what happened. Carolina Journal

Your nonpolitical news story: Bojangles is a staple of North Carolina. People would undoubtedly riot in the streets if they were to close or change drastically. Let's hope that doesn't happen with this news. U.S. News And World Report


The Republican Women of Pitt County will be having a luncheon next Thursday, November 15 featuring NCGOP Vice-Chairman Michele Nix. If you'd like to attend, please RSVP to Beth Capillary at by November 13.

If you have upcoming events you'd like to include, please email me so I can get them on here.


Have a good weekend!

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