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As I'm sure many of you have heard, the NCGOP's General Counsel Tom Stark passed away suddenly from an apparent heart attack this week. You can read the touching tribute from Dallas Woodhouse here. Let's go over a few stories from this week before the Christmas holiday.



Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh makes an appearance again. This time, it's about the numerous ethics complaints brought against him during the vicious smear campaign from Senate Democrats. Guess what happened to them? NPR

With much aplomb, the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed the First Step Act and the President signed it into law. Take a glance at what the bill does in a major piece of legislation meant to address criminal justice reform: National Review

The Nation of Islam is the anti-Semitic organization run by Louis Farrakhan and has ties to Keith Ellison and other prominent Democrats. Under President Obama, funding increased to this group every year after he took office in January 2009. Washington Examiner

Tom Perez has been a less-than-stellar Chairman for the DNC; that's great news for us. This story details how the DNC, being significantly outraised by the RNC, is off to a great start by going to war with state Democrat parties. Politico

The irony of this story is delicious: Planned Parenthood is under fire for discriminating against its pregnant employees. Washington Free Beacon

Not a lot of politics in this story, but it's cool. A doctoral student in Sweden found out his wife and kids were under attack in an ISIS war zone. He went back to help them escape. His professor heard about the troubles. You'll want to read this one: Military Times


If you've seen the NCGOP Facebook page, Governor Cooper decided to veto the enacting legislation to the voter ID constitutional amendment, calling the 55% of you who voted for it "sinister," "cynical" racists in the process (and so did Democrat Rep. Grier Martin). Remember to tell your friends that when the gubernatorial campaign starts up in a few months. The News & Observer

A first for the Recap: linking to a podcast. On Education NC's EdTalk podcast, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest joined to talk about how technology is changing education in North Carolina. Education NC

Back in 2016, the McCrory campaign filed a complaint alleging the NC Democrat Party-funded Bladen County Improvement Association PAC was an absentee ballot mill. Now, new documents from the 2016 election show that they may have been involved in illegal ballot harvesting. WBTV

The legislative branch oversees the executive branch. Government 101. However, Cooper doesn't see it that way and is trying to control the General Assembly when it comes to the investigation into the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the pay-to-play slush fund. The man doth protest too much, methinks. Carolina Journal

The election in 2020 will be ridiculous in North Carolina: President, Senate, U.S. Congress, all Council of State seats, the General Assembly, the state Supreme Court. For those looking ahead and playing the long game, the most important election may be the General Assembly. Why? Guess who controls districting after 2020 when NC gets another Congressional seat? The News & Observer

Tu quoque, Latin for "you also," is known today as "whataboutism." As conservatives, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than our counterparts. John Hood has an interesting take on this matter and how it relates to the Ninth. Carolina Journal

Some End-Of-The-Year Thoughts

The Recap will be taking a week off for the Christmas holiday, but I'll leave you all with a few thoughts of mine as we enter a new year. I started this Recap to help inform voters who aren't as plugged in to national and state politics as some of you by sharing stories that are of interest but aren't covered widely by the media. Some criticism I've received is why share a news story from an outlet like CNN or NYT, and the reason is this: if a story favorable to the right is coming from an outlet with a liberal slant, it's better for us. It does no good to share articles only from conservative-leaning outlets. I've also tried to include some opinion pieces with views not everyone might agree with, and that's to help sharpen your own arguments or look at an issue from a different perspective.

For the coming year, I want to condense the news sections a little bit and add legislation trackers for our federal representatives and the NCGA. Your tax dollars are paying the salaries of these people and it's important to know what bills they're filing. We'll also track the bad bills Democrats will undoubtedly file for obvious reasons. I'd also like to keep the focus on the 2019 elections as not only a test case for conservative policies in urban areas for the nonpartisan municipal races, but to test ground game measures: what works, what doesn't. 

As always, I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions as to how I can improve the dissemination of information to the voting public. Looking forward to reading them and serving you all in 2019. Hope everyone has a safe holiday season and Merry Christmas!

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