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Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Filing for offices started this week and runs through December 20th (if you'd like to see who's filed, go here). A monster jobs report for November shows how strong the economy continues to run under the President as impeachment moves forward ahead of the release of the Inspector General's report on Monday. There was a ton of news over the last two weeks, so I've tried to narrow it down to the juiciest ones.



This one is a bit in the weeds, but read up on this primer in advance of the IG report that's due out Monday. National Review

Under sanctuary Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York was one of the first states to expand Medicaid under Obamacare (they've also flirted with a Medicare For All program). Next year the state (under trifecta Democrat rule [House, Senate, Governor]) faces a $6.1 billion deficit. Guess where $4 billion of deficit that comes from? New York Post

Much has been made over the alleged "quid pro quo" regarding the phone call between the President and the President of Ukraine. What they aren't talking about is the quid pro quo being spouted by Mayor Pete Buttigieg regarding Israel and US aid to the country. The Times Of Israel

Far-left socialists like Sen. Sanders or Rep. Ocasio-Cortez tout the Green New Deal (also endorsed by the North Carolina Democrat Party) as a way to save the alleged climate crisis. "We only have 12 years left!" they exclaim, using a 16-year-old as their poster child. While conservatism definitely includes being good stewards of our environment, the left's apocalyptic claims are wrong and spur inaction. Forbes


A huge report is out stating that New York City under far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio is secretly relocating some of their homeless population to NC...without letting the receiving municipalities know. The NC cities are considering legal action (don't hold your breath on AG Josh Stein doing anything). WECT

A story broke last month about the Cooper administration failing to pay the scholarships for students whose parents are combat veterans, including those injured or killed during service. It gets worse: now the Cooper admin has cut the amount awarded nearly in half, sending these students scrambling to pay the difference their schools are now demanding. Utterly shameful. WBTV

I've mentioned this before and I will continue to talk about it ad nauseam: get to know your judicial candidates. There are eight running for office this cycle - 3 for Supreme Court and 5 for the Court of Appeals. They're running as a team and make sure you educate people to vote for them as such. Carolina Journal

The Recap shared the piece from the liberal Charlotte Observer editorial board calling for an investigation into the corruption of Governor Cooper. John Hood goes a little deeper into why there should be an investigation and how weak Cooper's case is that everything was done correctly. Watauga Democrat



So what's been going on besides impeachment? A rare bipartisan bill aimed at helping new parents was introduced in both chambers, led by Sen. Bill Cassidy and Rep. Elise Stefanik. Another bipartisan bill was passed in the House to ban insider trading (there are laws against it, but this is the first direct ban), a second one to stop those annoying robocalls from spoofed numbers we're all getting, and a third bipartisan bill calling for sanctions on China over the atrocities being committed against the Uyghurs. 

The Senate is doing - what else? - confirming judges. They confirmed two more this week, including the long-vacant U.S. District of Eastern North Carolina. Senator Burr blocked all of Obama's radical nominations and was able to confirm Professor Richard Myers to the seat (he was probably the only conservative at UNC). 


Both chambers are out until January.


Hall of Fame is TOMORROW! Last-minute tickets are available here: 2019 Hall of Fame Dinner

The Craven County GOP is having their Mingle & Jingle Christmas party on December 14th! Details: Craven County GOP Mingle & Jingle

Coming up on January 18, 2020 is the annual North Carolina Right To life prayer breakfast and subsequent march in downtown Raleigh. It's the premiere pro-life event in North Carolina. Check it out: NCRTL Prayer Breakfast


The term "fake news" has become a bit loaded over the last couple years, as some have used it to describe anything they don't like, sometimes as a joke but sometimes serious. However, a group of liberals are bringing fake news to NC. Bloomberg reported that Courier Newsroom is a digital-only "newspaper" expanding to our state and is going to putting out news stories friendly to Democrats (not unlike NC Policy Watch) and targeted at swing-voters. So far, they've only done one story in NC but keep your eyes out for Courier. They are, quite literally, fake news.

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