The Republican Party of North Carolina The Republican Party of North Carolina

So there's something going on in the Ninth. If you haven't heard, we'll take a quick skim after we examine some stories from across the country.



Make sure to read this touching piece from The New York Times on former President George H.W. Bush's final days. The New York Times

The female candidates on the left have several groups to support them. It's certainly time to start a group for the fantastic conservative women that absolutely deserve support as they run to replace Democrats. Forbes

CA Senator Kamala Harris made a fool of herself during the Kavanaugh hearings. One of her staffers had a $400,000 harassment lawsuit against him while Harris was AG. She just now fired him. The Sacramento Bee

Missed this one from a few weeks ago, but Democrats are fighting one of their own for reporting voter fraud and election violations. Just add this one to your "voter fraud doesn't exist" file. ABC St. Louis

Orange County, California has long been a Republican stronghold. This year, the area will not send a single Republican to Congress. What effect did CA's new election laws have on the races and what can North Carolina do to avoid these laws that are extremely vulnerable to fraud? The Federalist

Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder are setting their sights on 2020 so Democrat-controlled state legislatures can draw new Congressional and legislative maps after the 2020 census. Make no mistake, they are coming for our state legislature. Like North Carolina Democrats, they continue to push proportional representation - a concept soundly rejected by the Founders - in order to cement themselves into power. Fox News


A lot of national media attention has been brought to North Carolina's Ninth. However, back in 2016 the McCrory campaign brought a complaint about illegal ballot harvesting from a Democrat-funded PAC that the media ignored and Democrats called "false," "over the top," and "meant to undermine the results of an election." Guess what that PAC is doing now? WBTV

With a hearing approaching from the State Board of Elections that will supposedly address all the evidence gathered in the investigation, some experts have said a new election is nearly inevitable. Is it? Read on. Carolina Journal

One of the big questions about the activities in Bladen: how long have these alleged activities been going on? Find out. WBTV

You voted, they answered. The NCGA passed the enacting legislation for the voter ID constitutional amendment and sent it to the Governor's desk, where Cooper will most likely veto the bill (despite more than half the state voting for it). What was in it? Read here: Carolina Journal

Despite the constant barrage from the left of false narratives, voter ID is constitutional and not just because 55% of North Carolinians said so. Here's how to fight back against the left's arguments: Carolina Journal

A few months ago, a member of Cooper's administration created a secret DMV office for Cooper's friends, family, and senior staff. Now, this same member of the Cooper admin, DMV Commissioner Torre Jessup, went against the advice of DMV staff and even a Superior Court judge. Here's what he did: WBTV


With snow approaching for most of the state, stay warm and stay safe!

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