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Another strong economic report for December. Legislature goes back in on Tuesday but we're not sure for how long. Speaking of the legislature, they've filed an emergency motion for a stay in the voter ID case. Cocaine Mitch gets Nancy Pelosi to cave on holding the articles of impeachment and it looks like they'll get sent over in the next week or two. Lots to get to this week before a fantastic weekend for football fans with the NFL divisional games and the national championship on Monday. Prediction for the Clemson vs. LSU matchup: the Tigers are going to win. 

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As mentioned, the House will vote on a resolution to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate next week. Here's how Senator McConnell outplayed Speaker Pelosi. The Washington Free Beacon

Quite a bit of attention has been paid to the situation in Iran this week as Democrats and the media appear to be bending over backwards to make the situation as unfavorable as possible for the President. Heck, CNN literally had a terrorist on to promote Iranian propaganda. Iran is not the victim and here's why. Washington Examiner

This was mentioned a couple of Recaps ago, but New York was one of the first states to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. Despite having some of the highest tax rates in the nation, New York is facing a deficit as people flee the state. The primary culprit? Medicaid spending. Whodathunk? New York Post

Solar power is definitely an important facet of a diverse energy portfolio as long as it isn't at the expense of taxpayers. That wasn't the case out in Nevada as taxpayers are now on the hook for nearly a billion dollars after the Obama Dept. of Energy backed loans for the solar power plant that was obsolete before it even came online. Bloomberg


I neglected to mention this when the story dropped, so my apologies to the members of BLEXIT NC. This group, led by Turning Point USA's Candace Owens and conservative African Americans, was the first one to launch in the country on a statewide basis. WSOC

A federal watchdog group is launching several lawsuits around the country over voter registration rolls. Very quickly: federal law mandates purging the voter rolls every two years to remove inactive voters or those who have passed away. Some allegedly questionable registration numbers are coming out of some NC counties, hence the lawsuit. Real Clear Politics

This past weekend was the Lt. Governor candidate's forum hosted by the Harnett County GOP at Campbell University. Seven of the nine candidates showed up, and you can view the entire forum at the link if you'd like. The North State Journal

As if you didn't know this already: North Carolina is going to be ground zero in 2020. Sure, we're all paying attention to the headline-grabbing races like President, Senate, or Governor, but we cannot forget about the state legislative races. Whoever wins majorities in the NCGA will control redistricting after the Census. Democrats are coming for NC and ready to pour millions into electing far-left demagogues that will drag our state backwards. Be ready to do everything you can to stop them. POLITICO



The House passed a resolution to limit the Trump administration's options when it comes to taking action in Iran (glad to see they didn't care about it when Obama was President) and eight Democrats jumped ship on the vote. The also passed a bill to require the EPA to address an alleged crisis with PFAS chemicals. The Senate may not take it up and the President has already stated he will veto the bill should it get to his desk. They did pass a trio of bipartisan bills nearly unanimously aimed at helping the US get a leg up on China to be the first nation with 5G networks.

The Senate passed the PIRATE Act (awesome name) to combat illegal radio broadcasting via amending the 1934 Communications Act. They also passed the DIGIT Act in part of a long-term government strategy to keep the government out of the way of economic development regarding internet-connected devices. The Senate also confirmed a couple of Trump nominees, namely Jovita Carranza to head the Small Business Administration. 


Both chambers are out until Tuesday.


Coming up on January 18, 2020 is the annual North Carolina Right To life prayer breakfast and subsequent march in downtown Raleigh. It's the premiere pro-life event in North Carolina. Check it out: NCRTL Prayer Breakfast

On January 19th is the Blexit rally with Candace Owens! Details are here: BLEXIT Charlotte Rally

Make sure to visit the NCGOP Events page to see more events than what's listed there. There are several events coming up in counties that feature lots of local candidates that are in primaries. If you don't want to walk into the booth during primary voting this February and March, go check out these events to hear from candidates.

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