The Republican Party of North Carolina The Republican Party of North Carolina

A few more Democrats made their announcements this week to jump into the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race. If you thought the number of Republicans in 2016's race was excessive, just wait until you see how many liberals declare. It's going to be epic. Be prepared to take notes.



The anti-Catholic bigotry from Sens. Kamala Harris and Maggie Hirono against a judicial nominee has been despicable. Nebraska's Sen. Ben Sasse introduced a resolution condemning their actions. It won approval without objection. Lincoln Journal Star

Speaking of Kamala Harris, take a gander into this backgrounder about her illustrious history in California. This way, you'll be better prepared to state why her presidency would be a disaster. National Review

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is in the news again, and it's bad. Again. A former staffer of hers was allegedly sexually assaulted by a staffer of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (hi Rep. Butterfield!). When Lee's staffer discussed legal action, Lee fired her. The CBCF staffer? He went on to work for Beto's Texas Senate campaign. Buzzfeed News

We've documented the Democrats' current problem with anti-Semitism. It certainly isn't helping their case when freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib is palling around with Hamas supporters. The Washington Free Beacon


Voters overwhelmingly approved the voter ID constitutional amendment this year. Cooper vetoed the enacting legislation, which was quickly overridden by the NCGA. The usual far-left groups are suing to overturn, and NCGA leaders are jumping in to protect NC voters and the constitution: Carolina Journal

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Roy Cooper served in the NCGA during an era of backroom deals, bribery, and quid pro quo. The evidence that he brought this same corruption to the Governor's Mansion continues to mount. WBTV

Government is rarely efficient and is slow to make things happen, for better or worse. However, what is worse is the state holding on to properties that are costing taxpayers millions that are sitting unused. Curious? Read on. Wilkes Journal-Patriot

Good news for you parents: North Carolina's School Superintendent Mark Johnson has announced a scale-back in standardized testing. Parents and teachers seem to agree that this is generally a good thing. More details are here: WLOS



Bad Bill Of The Week - Federal Democrats are trying to raise the federal minimum wage to $15. Again. This continues to be a misguided approach to helping those less fortunate and a slew of studies (here, here, and here for starters) have detailed its negative effects. Even economists from the Clinton and Obama admins were against it. The legislation hasn't been posted yet, but it'll probably look like last year's bill: H.R. 15


The nonpartisan Fiscal Research Division released their year-end economic report. Once again, thanks to the pro-growth policies enacted by your Republican majorities, we're on track for another surplus as revenue collected is $188 million ahead of projections. Read the full report here: NCGA Fiscal Research Division


This weekend is the March For Life in DC. To the thousands of pro-life men and women marching, stay safe and have fun.

Next week is School Choice Week! Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina will be hosting events all over the state. They'll be in Wilmington on January 23, Fayetteville on January 24, and Asheville on January 25. Click on the links to register!

The Watauga County GOP will have their Executive Committee meeting on January 31, 2019 at the Daniel Boone Inn. Meeting starts at 6pm. Be there!


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