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This is a common thought among conservative media pundits: all Democrats had to do was not be crazy and 2020 would more competitive. So what did they do this week? They pushed a 70% marginal tax rate, single-payer, the elimination of 170 million private insurance plans, elimination of automobiles, and infanticide. It's like they don't know how math works



Like I said above, Democrats lurched waaaaaaay to the left his week. The editor of The Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Continetti, takes them to task in this brutal editorial. The Washington Free Beacon

Israeli scientists said that they might be on the verge of a cure for cancer within the next year. That's huge! It also presents a dilemma for the rising anti-Semitism in the Democrat Party and the openly anti-Semitic members like Reps. Tlaib and Omar. New York Post

The rise of democratic socialism by the far-left wing of the Democrat Party try to point out that Venezuela's situation isn't because of socialism. They're fooling themselves, and here's why. The New York Times

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe that abortion should be illegal after 20 weeks unless in cases of rape, incest, and danger to the mother. There are varying degrees of deviation regarding that, but those parameters are right around the middle. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam defended a bill that would literally allow for an abortion as the mother is giving birth, essentially endorsing infanticide. You're going to need to read and watch this to believe it. National Review


Most of NC remembers the K-3 class size limit debate from the last short session. Democrats were quick to blame the NCGA because they don't want to see audits of the spending decisions of the Democrat-controlled school boards. Remember, most of the funding comes from the state; The decisions to spend are made at the local level. It would take quite a while to explain the opaque reporting system here, so allow Dr. Terry Stoops to do so instead. Carolina Journal

This week, Roy Cooper decided to hold his first fundraiser for his re-election campaign. Yes, the Governor of NC held this fundraiser just 513 miles away in New York City. Miss the social media posts? Check out this recap. Fox News

North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Martin announced he was resigning from the Court to become Dean of the law school at Regent University. Justice Newby announced he would run for the seat being vacated by Martin, so that leaves an open seat on the Court. Justice Phil Berger, Jr., a member of the Court of Appeals, announced he would run for the seat being vacated by Newby. News & Record

It's only been rumor, but there's been discussion of moving the offices of U.S. Departments to different places around the country. For example, put the Dept. of Agriculture in the midwest, say Nebraska or Kansas. Makes sense, right? So, we're going to kinda try that in NC as the DMV's HQ is being moved from downtown Raleigh to Rocky Mount. WCTI



Almost all of the Members have been assigned to Committees. Check out where your Representative has been assigned here.

Bad Bill Of The Week - This week, House Democrats re-introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act. A dubious measure because gender pay discrimination has been law since 1963, they are once again trying to legislate the repeatedly-debunked gender wage gap. Although it'll probably pass in the House, it is DOA in the Senate. H.R. 7


Nothing really crazy happened this week in the NCGA, as most things were procedural votes for rules and such. The first full week starts Tuesday.

Bad Bill Of The Week - As if everyone didn't know this was coming, Democrats are pushing for Medicaid expansion. Again. It's not a good idea. Take a gander at the legislation here: H.B. 5


The Mecklenburg County GOP will have their 2019 precinct meeting this Saturday! Registration starts at 9am and doors close at 10am. It takes place at Myers Park High School, 2400 Colony Road, Charlotte 28209. 

The life of the Party, the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women, are holding their annual winter meeting on February 22nd and 23rd. Details? Check out their website here.

There have been tons of events added to the NCGOP calendar, which you can find here. Make sure to check your county website for times and locations of the upcoming precinct meetings and county conventions.

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