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The investigation is over into the Ninth Congressional District and we'll have a special election. Given the opening in the Third, the suspicion is that the Board and the Governor will make the filing period, primary, and general election dates the same, probably in conjunction with a municipal election. By the way, if anyone had two special elections on their post-2018 bingo card, do not pass go and head directly to Vegas. You'll probably need more than $200, though.



Around the world, countries will execute someone simply for being gay. The President's administration has launched an effort to end criminalization of homosexuality around the world. NBC News

Some have heard about the attack on "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett that he arranged himself. Liberals jumped on initial reports and called it, among other things, a modern day lynching. Allegedly he paid two Nigerian brothers $3500 to attack him and Smollett claimed that they were white, used a noose, and were wearing MAGA hats and screamed, "This is MAGA country!" All of this because he was supposedly unhappy with his $1M salary. Read about it in the brutal op-ed from Noah Rothman. The New York Times

For once, I'll agree with Democrat Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois. He read the socialist dystopian pipe dream known as the Green New Deal. Want to know what he said? The Hill

New York and Virginia: "Let's see how far out of the mainstream we can get with abortion bills." Vermont: "Hold our beer." If you thought the disgusting abortion bills from NY and VA were bad, the Vermont House just passed a bill to allow an abortion at any point in a pregnancy for any reason. It's grotesque. The Washington Times


Much has been made of the ICE raids in two NC counties now that the newly-elected sheriffs have declined to participate in the 287(g) program. Democrats aren't fans of it, but one woman doesn't have a problem with them. Why? She's a legal immigrant and thinks illegal immigrants are disrespecting the country. WBTV

NC Superintendent Mark Johnson made headlines this week with his #NC2030 announcement. What is this program and what is he aiming to achieve? Check out this write up on the program. Carolina Journal

The nonpartisan Fiscal Research Division of the NCGA puts out a forecast for economic growth every year. According to the report, NC's economy will continue to grow in what may be the longest economic expansion in recorded history. Read the full report here:

There are two competing school construction bills in the NCGA: the House has proposed a bond, the Senate an appropriations package. The Senate advanced their proposal this week and despite all their complaining about school construction needs, all but four Senate Democrats said no. What does the Senate bill do? WRAL



Neither chamber has held a vote on legislation since Valentine's Day, which was the government funding bill. However, pay attention next week. Cocaine, Senator McConnell plans to get Senate Democrats on the record regarding the Green New Deal resolution. "You come at the king, you best not miss."


Other than the aforementioned Senate school construction proposal, no major votes in either chamber this week. 

Bad Bill Of The Week - Two tough choices this week, so we'll go with the worse of the two. Not only are national Democrats pushing a bill endorsing mob rule, but North Carolina Democrats are too. Newly-elected Senator Wiley Nickel, an Obama alum, filed a bill to abolish the Electoral College via state compact. Although it's DOA in Senate Rules, check out yet another example of the Democrats' disdain for the Constitution: SB 104


Per usual, please check the NCGOP Calendar for a list of upcoming events. County and District conventions are approaching quickly. A hint for those looking at attending the RNC Convention in 2020: Get involved now. For those in the Ninth District, getting heavily involved in the upcoming special election to defeat Dan McCready can't hurt your chances of being selected. 


Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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