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It's convention time! Registration is OPEN for the June 6-9 convention in Concord, NC. Click here to register: 2019 NCGOP State Convention

Now, on to the news stories you might have missed this week.



We'll start with some international news, namely the horrific shooting in New Zealand. A person walked into a mosque with several weapons and opened fire, killing 49. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected by this dastardly attack, but it seems AOC wanted to go a different route. The Washington Free Beacon

The Democrats had a modest victory in 2018. With the emergence of their democratic socialist far-left flank and anti-Semitism running rampant through the party, the Democrats are doing their absolute best to ensure 2020 will be a good year for Republicans. Advice? Don't get in their way. National Review

The Democrats' victory described above was won mostly by shoring up the urban areas they dominate and flipping the suburbs, a normally reliable GOP vote. To win back the House in 2020, we have to shore up the rural areas, take a few bites out of the urban areas, and flip the suburbs back. House Rep. Ann Wagner is working to do just that. Washington Examiner

Democrats repeatedly push for the centralization of power under the guise that government is the solution (instead of the problem that we all know it is). Bernie Sanders, in his quadrennial shift from radical socialist independent to radical socialist Democrat, pushed for nationalization of major industries in the country. The debates are going to be fun. CNN


Much has been made of the elected sheriffs of Wake and Mecklenburg declining to participate in the 287(g) program regarding illegal immigrants. Some have made the case that this is a violation of their constitutional duty, but that seems to be murky. To clear it up, NC House Republicans filed a bill that would require sheriffs to work with ICE. The News & Observer

During the 2017-2018 legislation session, craft brewing was a big topic of discussion specifically regarding the barrel cap. The craft brewers ended up in litigation with the wholesalers as a significant deal was unable to be struck. This year, it seems to be going in a different (and better!) direction. Carolina Journal

From 2002-2012, NC's average teacher pay featured the largest drop in the country: 15.7%. After digging the state out of billions in budget deficit and Medicaid cost overruns, NC Republicans vowed to fix the teacher pay issue. Today, after five straight teacher pay raises, the state has jumped from 47th to 29th after a 20% raise over the last five years, and it's even higher after factoring in cost of living! John Locke Foundation

It's National Sunshine Week! Gov. McCrory was routinely attacked by liberal press outlets for not being transparent enough, and then-AG Cooper campaigned on being more transparent. Today, is appears Cooper is LESS transparent than his predecessor, and their answer to this lack of transparency is, "Well, we'll try harder." Go ahead and laugh. I did. Carolina Journal



This has been very quiet in the news, but Democrats tried to derail the nomination of Indian-American Neomi Rao to fill the seat vacated by now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. She was confirmed this week despite Democrat opposition. How did Tillis and Burr vote?

Burr - YEA

Tillis - YEA


The Recap touched on the dueling school construction legislation a couple weeks ago. The Senate introduced legislation that would fund it via appropriations while the House introduced a bond. The Senate passed theirs a few weeks ago and the House passed the bond legislation this week. What's in it? Check it out here:

You'll love this: During a debate on a bill to address health care for small biz, freshman Senator Kirk deViere submitted an amendment to try and expand Medicaid via the bill in question. Senate Republicans tabled the amendment. Because the bill was not considered under suspension of the rules, Senate Democrats cannot bring up Medicaid expansion for the rest of the session as an amendment via Senate Rule 53. Whoops.

Bad Bill Of The Week - There were a couple of nominations for this one, but we'll step over to the Senate side. Democrats have continued to show their disdain for parental choice when it comes to education for children. The explosive growth of charter schools and the Opportunity Scholarship program shows the desire for additional school choice, especially for low-income minority populations, but Senators Dan Blue, Jay Chauduri, and Mujtaba Mohammed are determined to limit those opportunities. S.B. 247


As stated in the intro, registration for the 2019 NCGOP State Convention is now OPEN. Sign up here: 2019 NCGOP State Convention


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