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Welcome to March 2019. The dates for the special election in the Third District have been set and the NCSBE meets on Monday to determine the timeline for the Ninth. Special elections typically have very low turnout, and the Democrat voters in the Ninth will be especially energized. Once the dates are set for both, we'll send out an email to everyone. We need to be ready.



As posted on the NCGOP Facebook page, the Senate took up the Born Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act this past week. The bill would have made it a crime for doctors who failed to give medical care to babies that survived abortion attempts. All but three Democrats blocked the bill, including every single contender for 2020. Disgraceful. Fox News

The New York Daily News is the liberal counterpart to the New York Post. It's always fun to read the Democrats calling out their own, and this op-ed from liberal columnist Richard Cohen is no exception. The short summary from a conservative perspective: Democrats want to embrace socialism. Let's not stand in their way and let the people know what socialism means for freedom and liberty. New York Daily News

The media loves to put up the big stories about fractures in the Republican caucus on big votes, but one stat comes to mind: under Speakers Boehner and Ryan, the Democrats were unable to score a single MTR, or motion to recommit, on a big bill moving through the House. Pelosi now has lost TWO as some Democrats at least appear to have some common sense. The Washington Post

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, one of the prominent anti-Semitic Democrat freshmen in Congress, decided that she earned herself a little treat from the general election victory. How much did Tlaib pay herself from her campaign? The Washington Free Beacon


Some have heard about the FBI investigation into NC's largest donor Greg Lindberg. What you may not know is that NC Democrat Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin was hired by Lindberg after he lost the Insurance Commissioner race, and Goodwin's regulators may have let Lindberg skirt state regulations. Yikes. WRAL

The ridiculous ruling from Judge Collins last week on the constitutional amendments has enraged everyone, and even far-left Democrats like Jeff Jackson aren't buying it. Many have called or emailed asking, what's next? The answer is appeal, and legislators did that Monday. WITN

The Opportunity Scholarship program gives up to $4200 per year primarily to low-income families to help send their children to a school of their choice. Because the rules may be restrictive, the program hasn't used all of the allocated funds. Sen. Berger has a common sense proposal: loosen the rules to allow more families to access it. The Charlotte Observer

As Democrats continue to push the fiscally and morally irresponsible expansion of Medicaid, North Carolina is transitioning from a single-payer Medicaid system to a privately-managed care one. What is it and what does it mean for taxpayers? Carolina Journal



Let's do two votes this week. As previously mentioned, the House was able to force a Motion to Recommit on the House background check bill to include an amendment that would notify ICE when an illegal immigrant tries to purchase a firearm. How did your reps vote on the motion to recommit?

YEA - Holding, Foxx, Walker, Rouzer, Hudson, McHenry, Meadows, Budd

NAY - Butterfield, Price, Adams

What about passage on the bill itself that will continue to chip away at your Second Amendment rights and won't actually do anything to stop mass shootings?

YEA - Butterfield, Price, Adams

NAY - Holding, Foxx, Walker, Rouzer, Hudson, McHenry, Meadows, Budd

Bad Bill Of The Week - The Democrats' lurch to the far-left flank continues, this time with another single-payer bill co-sponsored by NC's own Rep. Alma Adams. Check out this recap from Townhall on the bill's inner workings. The bill itself is available here: H.R. 1384


Bipartisanship happens more often than not in the NCGA, despite the sensationalist headlines from some media (e.g. most bills are passed something like 115-3 or 110-6). One of those moments happened this week as a bipartisan constitutional amendment was passed from the House to strengthen your property rights in HB 3/SB 27. The House passed it 94-21, and every person to vote against strengthening your property rights was a Democrat.

Bad Bill Of The Week - Last year at the request of two towns in his district, Rep. Bill Brawley filed a bill to allow the municipalities of Matthews and Mint Hill to operate their own charter schools. Two more towns joined in, and the bill passed to give the thousands of kids on charter school wait lists more educational opportunities. Now, four Democrats want to take those opportunities away: HB 229


Per usual, please check the NCGOP Calendar for upcoming events in your area. County and District conventions are approaching quickly, and it won't be long until registration opens for the 2019 State Convention in Concord. Get involved and stay involved!


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