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I've said this before and I'll say it again: The popular thinking among conservative pundits was that Democrats needed to stay sane and they would make 2020 more competitive for the Presidency. The same people who are complaining that the President was upending constitutional norms are prepared to go to the mat to subvert the Constitution. So what crazy ideas did they embrace this week?



Back in 2016, NC Democrats and their liberal allies threw a fit about a rumor that NCGA Republicans were going to stack the State Supreme Court. Today, national Democrats are embracing the same idea: packing SCOTUS, increasing the size from nine justices up to potentially fifteen. Can't win? Change the rules. POLITICO

- P.S. Senator Rubio is having none of it. Fox News

The other growing chorus in the Democrat Party is to abolish the Electoral College. North Carolina Senate Democrats are already pushing a national popular vote compact (never mind that such a compact would probably be unconstitutional). Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is the latest to call for abolishing the EC. Besides the obvious, here's why the Electoral College will stay. National Review

Another foreign government has opened an investigation into influence over the 2016 results. Before you say, "Not again!" hold up a sec. This is the government of Ukraine investigating potential help given to Hillary. Interesting. The Hill

The anti-Semitism in the Democrat Party isn't just Keith Ellison, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar; You can add Rep. Clyburn to the mix. Like Obama, he hung around notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and now refuses to condemn him. The ads just write themselves. The Daily Caller


There are two special elections in NC - the Third and the Ninth Congressional Districts. These races won't be on the same issues that were front and center in 2018 given the platitude of ridiculous far-left positions Democrats have staked out. When you hear about those town halls or events with Democrats in either district, don't scoff at them; Go to them and hold these Democrats accountable. Here's what to ask. Carolina Journal

Governor Cooper, his $58 million slush fund, and the alleged pay-to-play antics regarding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline have been under investigation for some time. Cooper isn't known for his transparency, and it took five (!!!) months just to get his public schedule. Guess what happened when a reporter finally got it? The News & Observer

Educational choice and teacher pay has been a big focus for Republicans after taking over the NCGA in 2010. Democrats left the state in a $3 billion hole with the budget and another $1.8 billion in Medicaid shortfalls. After digging the state out of billions of dollars in debt, teacher pay has been rising at some of the fastest rates in the country. When even liberal editorial boards are giving credit, you know they're doing something right. The Fayetteville Observer

The Senate overwhelmingly passed S.B. 86, which is aimed at addressing those in the insurance gap. While Democrats would rather cover them via expensive and job-killing Medicaid expansion, Republicans turned to the free market to help more people gain health insurance coverage. How does it work? Carolina Journal



No votes this week in either chamber as both are out on recess.


As mentioned above, the Senate passed a bill to address those in the insurance gap. It achieved bipartisan support, passing 40-8. In the House, a bill that would increase penalties on those who use a weapon to assault law enforcement officers was passed unanimously, 119-0. 

Bad Bill Of The Week - When Democrats complain that Republicans submit bills written by lobbyists, it means they don't like bills submitted by lobbyists that don't support liberals. A case in point is this publicity stunt bill written by environmental lobbyists and submitted by members of the far left, Senators Terry Van Duyn (running for Lt. Gov.) and Mike Woodard. This bill would increase your taxes on anything you buy that isn't Energy Star-rated and create a tiered electrical rate system that would condemn the least fortunate to a cycle of perpetual poverty. Oh, don't forget the bank it would create for energy projects that would be subject to approval from a single administrator's subjective opinion. Centralized government at its worst. S.B. 338


As previously stated, registration for the 2019 NCGOP Convention is OPEN. Register here:

Need a list of candidates for the Third and the Ninth? Here you go:

Third District

Ninth District 

Now, the schedule is a little different for both elections, but the Third is coming up first. With a few candidates already up on the air, it's important to remember the election schedule. Here it is for the Third:

Absentee By Mail - already started. To request an absentee ballot, go here. The LAST DAY to request an absentee ballot is April 23 and the LAST DAY to return it is April 30.

Early Voting - April 10 - April 26. Please check your individual county boards for the schedule and locations.

Election Day - April 30.

I'll be sending out reminder emails for these dates, but go ahead and make your plans to vote. 

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