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The election dates for the Third and the Ninth are set. The filing period for the Third ends today and the filing period opens on Monday for the Ninth. If you'd like a list of who's running in the Third, go here; It should be final by the time you read this email. So, who wants to talk about the latest with Democrats and their anti-Semitism problem? 👋



In 2015, the UK's Labour Party elected socialist Jeremy Corbyn as its leader and it only took the party four years to become blatantly anti-Semitic. For post-2018 Democrats, it's only taken them three months. Rep. Omar's actions continue to put pressure on the rest of the Democrat caucus, and it's clear that she, fellow anti-Semite Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and AOC are running the show. The Washington Post

You want to know how bad it's become for Omar? Rahm Emanuel - the former staffer for the Clinton administration, Chicago mayor, and Chief of Staff to Obama - wrote an op-ed condemning her. You're not going to agree with the entire piece, but it's pretty rough on Omar's anti-Semitism. The Atlantic

Speaking of AOC, it seems the Swamp is the right place for her. Last month, she added her boyfriend to her House staff list after it was revealed he was being paid to do nothing/"consulting work." Just this week, it was revealed that her Chief of Staff - who also ran a PAC - may have run a $1M slush fund by diverting campaign cash to his PAC. Washington Examiner

It's everyone's favorite time of year - tax season! Democrats are out to mislead when it comes to refund size vs. taxes paid, and even liberal fact checkers are calling them out. So what's really happening when it comes to your tax returns? USA Today


More evidence that the conservative policies coming out of your NCGA are working! Raleigh was recently listed as the #2 place to live in the country based on job market and cost of living (we'll see what the far-left Democrats on the Wake County Board of Commissioners have to say about that in a couple years): WRAL

A couple weeks ago, the Senate passed a $2B package for school construction. The House has a competing bond at roughly the same amount and it was passed out of the House Education Committee this week. So what's in the House legislation? Carolina Journal

From 2002-2012, North Carolina's teachers saw an average drop in salary of 15.6%. After Republicans dug the state out of a multi-billion dollar hole from budget deficits and Medicaid shortfalls, revenues finally reached pre-recession levels in 2014 by allowing you to keep more of your money and spend it how you think is best. As a result, and their commitment to education, NC's teachers have a seen an average 20% (!!!) jump since 2014 as surpluses continue. The News & Observer

After the ridiculous ruling from left-wing Judge G. Bryan Collins, Democrats who weren't buying it have been forced to admit there is judicial activism, and Collins' ruling was a prime example. Fortunately, Speaker Moore and Senator Berger appealed the ruling and were granted a stay this week as the case moves forward. North State Journal



This morning, the House voted on H.R. 1, the massive electoral power grab that would send your tax dollars to fund politicians' campaigns and run roughshod over the Constitution and federalism. It's DOA in the Senate, but how did your representatives vote in the House?

YEA - Butterfield, Price, Adams

NAY - Holding, Foxx, Walker, Rouzer, Hudson, McHenry, Meadows, Budd

Bad Bill Of The Week - While it hasn't officially been filed, House Democrats plan to introduce net neutrality legislation this week or next week. This was a big fight about two years ago when the Trump admin's FCC overturned the Obama admin's FCC ruling to classify the internet as a public utility under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act. For a perspective as to what that meant, read this. What does the bill do? Read here.


Cooper introduced his budget this week, and it's full of bad things like Medicaid expansion, compromising the state's bond credit rating, and eliminating educational opportunities for low-income families. General Assembly leaders plan to introduce their budget in the next couple weeks and offer the fiscally responsible alternative to Cooper's budget that returns NC to the days of deficits and teacher furloughs. Click on their names to find out what Senator Berger and House Appropriations Republicans had to say.

Bad Bill Of The Week - North Carolina has some of the best colleges in the country, and thousands of people move here to ensure their kids can attend UNC, State, ECU, App, or Central at in-state tuition rates. The who's who of the far-left flank of the House Democrat caucus are sponsors - Graig Meyer, Susan Fisher, Pricey Harrison, and Cecil Brockman - of this bill to grant in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants. A federal law passed in 1996 specifically states that illegal immigrants may not be granted in-state tuition rates, although some states like California are trying to work their way around it by claiming that kids aren't responsible for their parents' decisions. H.B. 319


Passionate about school choice? March 19th is Charter School Advocacy Day at the General Assembly! Details are here:

Per usual, please check the NCGOP Calendar for upcoming events in your area. County and District conventions are approaching quickly, and registration opens for the 2019 State Convention in Concord in the next week or two. Lots of counties are getting ready to hold their Lincoln Reagan Day Dinners, so line up speakers that will need your help in statewide elections next year. Get involved and stay involved!


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