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Some interesting revelations from the President's Attorney General this week as House Democrats fall apart amid pressure from their far-left flank. It's pretty clear who's in charge of the House, and it ain't Nancy Pelosi. As special election voting gets started, don't hesitate to reach out to staff here for any additional information or help. 



At interesting look from The Upshot on Democrat Twitter vs. what Democrats are in real life. According to this study, Democrats in real life are much more moderate - even conservative - than their social media counterparts. It's important to keep this in mind when highlighting liberal policies (choose wisely) as well as how we approach grassroots activities and converting Democrats to Republicans. The New York Times

As House Democrats leave DC for the annual retreat, they leave behind a glaring hole - a budget. They're not even going to try and introduce or pass anything resembling a budget because of their far-left flank. Townhall

One of the litmus tests for Democrats running for president is the idea of reparations for slavery. Sen. Cory Booker is considering filing a bill, but Sen. Tim Scott poured some cold water on that proposal. Four words for the wise when discussing reparations: don't take the bait. Huffington Post

About a year ago, SCOTUS ruled against public sector unions in Janus v. AFSCME. That ruling found that forced dues to unions was an unconstitutional practice. So what's happened to liberal unions since that ruling? Bloomberg Law


U.S. Senate Democrats blocked Sen. Sasse's Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and House Democrats have refused to allow a vote on the House version. That's a different story in NC as the Senate and House have both advanced nearly identical bills out of committee this week. Spectrum News

Anyone else get those really annoying spam calls? I've personally been blocking numbers left and right to try and stem the tide. This week, House Republicans introduced a bill to help with this issue.

Despite the constant (false) rhetoric from the far-left teacher's union and NC Democrats, North Carolina Republicans continue working on legislation to improve education. Take a gander at some of the bills that were passed out of committee this week. Carolina Journal

Two weeks ago, a University of South Carolina student was murdered after she got into a car she thought was her Uber. This week, Majority Leader Rep. John Bell introduced legislation aimed at preventing these types of instances from occurring. WSOC



As House Democrats leave DC to schmooze with liberal Hollywood and far-left professors at their retreat, Senate Republicans are hard at work. As they work to continue their efforts to repeal the disastrous Obamacare, they're concerned about people with pre-existing conditions. Sen. Tillis was one of the primary sponsors of The Protect Act to help address this concern. Read about it here

Bad Bill Of The Week: Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced Medicare For All/BernieCare 2.0. It's bad. Check it out here


As previously mentioned, nearly identical Born Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Acts are working their way through the House and Senate. Both will be considered on their respective floors next week with almost no Democrat support. Back in 2002, this same bill was passed unanimously in the U.S. Senate. That should tell everyone how far to the left Democrats have gone on the issue of abortion and infanticide.


Behold, your District Convention schedule:

Please make sure you arrive early to your convention. For District 13, registration begins at 9:45am so show up early to get going. As always, check the calendar for additional events.

Have a good weekend, folks!

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