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Well guys, not a good week. Tuesday's announcement was a shock to everyone and as mentioned, Robin Hayes has named Aubrey Woodard as Acting Chair and relinquished most of his duties as Chairman. It will remain this way until the election in June at the State Convention. On the bright side, we have a chance to come out of this better as a party. The NC Democrats went through a similar set of circumstances and are just now starting to rebuild. Let's learn from them, ensure that we come out of this stronger, and stay in the majority to continue to lead North Carolina in a positive direction. Alright, enough doom and gloom. 



Let's start with something from our former English overlords. The National Health Service, the UK's socialist health care system, has been considered one of the worst health care systems in the developed world. In a preview of single-payer under Democrats, let's see how patients are faring under this system. Forbes

A common argument is that the Republican Party has moved farther right from the respective center than the Democrat Party has moved left, although there is data to dispute this claim. With some of the policy proposals from the now-seventeen (17!!) Democrats running for President, here's a good recap how progressivism is radicalizing their party. The Atlantic

Remember the blackface scandal from Virginia's Democrat Governor Ralph Northam? Sure you do. Cooper even called on him to resign. What about Democrat Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax's sexual assault allegations? The racist pictures of Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring? Here's the crazy part: they're all still in office. The New York Times

Rules for thee but not for me. Liberals love to complain about the Koch brothers and their network of conservative and libertarian-leaning groups, ALEC, Citizens United, etc. The big money group on the left is called Democracy Alliance, an ultra-secret dark money group funded by the usual suspects. Despite all their complaining, Democrats certainly don't mind embracing these groups. The Washington Free Beacon


The Lindberg stuff is not limited to the NCGOP. North Carolina Democrat Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin was heavily involved with him after he lost the DOI race to Mike Causey. So were there concerns within the NCDP? The Charlotte Observer

Sad news this week as Cherie Berry, the Elevator Queen herself, announced that she would not run for re-election in 2020. Berry is the longest-serving Republican on the Council of State and has been a fixture, literally, in our elevators. She has lifted us all up and North Carolina will never be the same. The News & Observer

The consensus is that the Census will almost certainly ensure (say that three times fast) our state gets another Congressional seat going into the 2021 redraw. So which states are losing them and what does this mean to how money is appropriated from the federal government? Winston-Salem Journal

While Governor Cooper and legislative Democrats continue their assault on school choice, former Democrat Senator Joel Ford is one of the few Democrats who stood in support of educational opportunity. Check out his op-ed here against Cooper's budget that would eliminate the Opportunity Scholarship program for low-income families. EdNC



The big news was in the Senate this week. First, quick background: The despicable Sen. Harry Reid ruled the Senate with an iron fist during his tenure as Majority Leader. Back in 2013, Reid reformed the filibuster for some judicial nominees so that they only required a simply majority to confirm. Thanks to Reid, McConnell was then able to use this rule to confirm the President's judges at a record pace and did the same thing for SCOTUS nominees. In another homage to Reid, after unprecedented obstruction from Senate Democrats, McConnell reduced the debate period for judicial nominees from 30 hours to 2. With 130 District Court openings, McConnell and Senate Republicans are working hard to confirm conservative judges. Here's why he did it: POLITICO


The fast-tracked bill from Rep. Destin Hall would require North Carolina sheriffs to work with ICE regarding illegal immigrant detainers was passed out of the House this week. In a nod to their party's preference for open borders and disdain for the rule of law, not a single Democrat voted in favor. Want their names? Check out the roll call here

Bad Bill Of The Week: North Carolina has flourished as a right-to-work state. We've had some of the best job growth in the southeast and the country since Republicans dug out of the multi-billion-dollar hole Democrats left us in. It seems Obama alum Sen. Nickel and Lt. Gov. candidate Sen. Terry Van Duyn would like to reverse that with a bill that would repeal the ban of collective bargaining. You want to see businesses and jobs leave the state? Pass this bill. SB 575


Big announcement this week as the Mecklenburg County GOP announced that RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel will be their featured speaker for the Lincoln Reagan Douglass Dinner! For tickets and details, check it out:

District Conventions! This weekend there are two:

  • Seventh District – 10am at the Sampson County Exposition Center in Clinton, NC
  • Tenth District – 10am at the Lincoln Cultural Center, Lincolnton, NC

Need the schedule so you can attend additional District Conventions? Ask and you shall receive:

April 13:

  • Fourth District – 10am at NCGOP Headquarters in Raleigh, NC
  • Fifth District – 10am at the Yadkin County Cultural Building in Yadkinville, NC
  • Sixth District – 12pm at the Randolph County Historical Courthouse in Asheboro, NC
  • Eighth District – 2pm at East Montgomery High School in Biscoe, NC
  • Eleventh District – 10:30am at the Pisgah High School in Canton, NC
  • Thirteenth District – 11am at the Davie County Courthouse in Mocksville, NC

April 27

  • Second District – 6pm at the Johnston County Courthouse in Smithfield, NC
  • Third District – 9am at the Greenville Hilton in Greenville, NC
  • Ninth District – 3pm at Wingate University at the Battle Center in Wingate, NC
  • Twelfth District – 11am at the Cornelius Town Hall in Cornelius, NC

If you haven't registered for the State Convention, you may do so here:


Keep your head up, folks. Unplug this weekend, relax, enjoy the weather, and refocus for next week.


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