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A surprise twist enters the 2020 Democrat Presidential primary with the initial debates just a few months away. Bernie Sanders and AOC go even farther left by suggesting that the Post Office (that had a net loss of $3.9B last year) should be doing your banking. No, not kidding. The NC House has passed its version of the budget and was sent to the Senate, and the Senate passed additional school choice options while Democrats said no. Before you watch the Canes bounce back Sunday afternoon or Game of Thrones that night, check out these stories.



Let's start with the bigoted lawmaker from Pennsylvania, Democrat Rep. Brian Sims. He filmed himself harassing an elderly woman and three young girls outside a Planned Parenthood, stating he would give $100 to whichever follower would dox them. Kevin Williamson has a few words for people like him. National Review

I shared a piece a few weeks back about New York Rep. Elise Stefanik. Check out this update on her efforts to recruit more of you conservative, hard-working, life-of-the-Party Republican women to run for office: Time

Much has been made of how expensive the 2020 Democrat plan is to taxpayers, routinely coming in the $30-40 TRILLION range over 10 years. For context, the tax reform put into place by Congressional Republicans and signed by the President reduces federal revenues by $3.2T over 10 years (it is your money after all and you should keep more of it). They plan on soaking the rich for the cost. There's one big problem. Bloomberg

This is a piece that is aimed more at helping us debate when swinging people to the GOP. Debating people online is usually like arguing with a brick wall, but knocking doors or forums where the interaction is face to face is quite different. What happens when you run into someone who will not change their mind despite all evidence to the contrary, and when is it time to walk away? The New Yorker


Let's start the NC section with the assault of a pro-life student by a random anti-life liberal. There's video too. Fox News

The Cooper administration and NCGA Democrats made Medicaid expansion a priority. Regardless of the proposal, there still is the program itself to manage. How's the Cooper admin doing managing the state's Medicaid program? Carolina Journal

A recent report showed that the Opportunity Scholarship program had unspent funds in its reserve. Senate Republicans saw this as an opportunity to expand the requirements so more parents were able to help shape their children's educational future. Senate Democrats were appalled at the idea of more school choice, going so far to say the program was not in high-demand and $70K a year for a family of four was "high income." Seriously. The News & Observer

Criminal justice reform has been an issue that both parties were hesitant to address at first, but Republicans have been taking the lead, e.g. efforts by Sen. Rand Paul at the federal level. Here on the state level, legislation to address what age to start charging people for certain crimes was passed last year and the Senate was first to take up the Second Chance Act this year. It sailed through in bipartisan fashion, so check it out here: WTVD



The Senate confirmed several more judges to circuit and district courts. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Trump continue to roll there. On the House side, Democrats pushed the inappropriately named "Protection For Pre-Existing Conditions Act" as a trap vote. The bill has nothing to do with protecting pre-existing conditions but reduces the ability of states to seek a waiver to find additional options for health insurance to people that may fall in the coverage gap. Why do House Democrats do this? Because after the bill passes, liberal outlets like ThinkProgress will write pieces exclaiming, "House Republicans Vote Against Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions," and the ad campaign is born. Completely disingenuous and Rep. Dan Crenshaw explains why. Anyways, how did everyone vote?

YEA - Butterfield, Price, Adams

NAY - Holding, Foxx, Rouzer, Hudson, McHenry, Meadows, Budd

N/V - Walker


As we hit crossover, despite a lot of the sensational headlines in the media, there actually is a lot of bipartisan work happening at the NCGA as approximately 81% of bills were passed nearly unanimously. The House finished their business Wednesday in time to leave for a conference in Asheville with the RSLC, the Republican State Leadership Committee. Like the NRCC and NRSC, the group is tasked with support for state legislative Republicans and electing them across the country. Gotta get that supermajority back.  As referenced above, the Senate passed additional opportunities for parents to use the Opportunity Scholarship program and are getting ready to start their work on the budget. Stay tuned for details in the next few weeks on the Senate version of the budget.


Ninth District Early Voting/Election Day:

Today is the LAST day to vote early in the 9th District GOP primary. Some places will have closed by the time this hits inboxes, but some sites are open until 7pm. Need to find your county's early voting sites and hours? Find it here:

For Election Day on Tuesday, vote where you normally would like any other election. Hours are 6:30am to 7:30pm. To find your polling place, go here:

Sample ballot: NC09 Sample Ballot

With the State Convention approaching, that means the election for a new Chair is still heating up. Your next chance to hear from the candidates is here in Raleigh. For tickets, check it out here: Rumble In Raleigh

Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby is kicking off his re-election campaign for the Chief Justice seat! Want to come? Check out the event page: BBQ & Bluegrass Campaign Kickoff


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