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Congrats to Doctors Murphy and Perry on their primary win in the 3rd District! In the contest to fill the seat of the late Rep. Walter Jones, neither cleared 30% and they now go to a runoff in July for the opportunity to defeat Democrat Allen Thomas. The 9th District early voting period is still going on, so go vote if you're down there. Oh, how about them Hurricanes?! Before you settle in front of your TV for Game 4 tonight, check out the stories you may have missed this week.



Back in the 2012 debates, Romney was mocked for calling Russia our greatest geopolitical foe. As we all know, Romney was right. Eight years later, it's now Joe Biden's turn. This week on the campaign trail, check out what Biden said about China and how Romney responded. Fox News

Venezuela has faced heavy protests as the people try and oust socialist dictator Maduro. A few Democrats are unwisely supporting Maduro (thanks for the free ads!) and anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar has been on a tear lately. Check out who she blamed for the collapse of the socialist dystopia. The Washington Free Beacon

Attorney General Barr testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, enduring disgraceful attacks from Sens. Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono simply for doing his job. The Wall Street Journal editorial board has been pretty mild regarding their support for Trump, but they certainly go to bat here for Barr. The Wall Street Journal

I missed this one last week, but this is a great read. As the twenty-one (21!!!) Democrats running for President stumble over themselves to meet Bernie Sanders on the far left, they're all releasing policies that would quite literally bribe the people with their own money. This piece by Kevin Williamson explains more. National Review


This year, the House gets first crack at the budget. Remember, this is just the first iteration. It still must go to the Senate, where it will be thoroughly amended, passed out of that chamber, and the House will probably vote to NOT concur. It will then go to conference, where both sides will hammer out the differences before it must pass both chambers again. Check out what's in the House version. Carolina Journal

Many of you have heard about the tragedy at UNC-Charlotte. A gunman walked into a classroom and simply opened fire. No warning, no reason (yet), and two are dead while four fight for their lives in the hospital. Read this story about Riley Howell, one of the students killed in the shooting and how his heroic actions probably saved dozens of lives. Asheville Citizen-Times

No reading for this one. The PBS station in Charlotte ran an excellent profile of recently elected judge Paulina Havelka. She also happens to be the Vice Chair of the Mecklenburg County Republican Women's Club. Check it out! WTVI

The teacher rally was this week and it wasn't anywhere near as large as it was last year. The NCAE agenda, basically ripped straight from the NC Democrat Party website, costs taxpayers just a mere $6 billion. The agenda isn't about kids, it's about power and control. But anyways, back to the size of the rally. We've all seen politicians photoshop things in, and it seems the NCAE decided to do that too. WRAL



The House finally decided to do something this week, except it wasn't anything good. When President Trump was first elected, he pledged to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, a wasteful pact that would have cost $2.5 billion in GDP output by 2025, about 400,000 jobs. The House voted to advance a bill that would require the Administration to abide by the Paris Agreement. Thankfully, it's DOA in the Senate. How did NC vote?

YEA - Butterfield, Price

NAY - Holding, Foxx, Walker, Rouzer, Hudson, McHenry, Meadows, Budd

N/V - Adams

On the Senate side, Judicial Committee Republicans remain hard at work filling judicial vacancies. Three more judges were confirmed this week. President Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell are remaking the federal judiciary that will last for nearly a generation.


The Senate voted to override Cooper's veto of the Born Alive Survivor's Protection Act. Democrat Don Davis voted with Republicans to override the veto (if you'd like to do something nice, call his office to thank him: 919-715-8363. Who knows, your calls could convince him to join Republicans on other votes). The House has introduced their version of the budget as reported above. Because it's closing in on crossover week, no bills were introduced this past week. Anything with a fee in it had to be introduced by April 23 to gain a hearing in Finance. Don't fret: we'll be back on the Bad Bill Of The Week shortly. There's certainly no shortage of bad ideas floating around the minds of NCGA Democrats.


Convention is right around the corner! If you haven't registered yet, you can do so here: NCGOP 2019 State Convention

Ninth District Early Voting:

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